Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swimming with the Cousins

     Well so far, we are having a good week. I just can't believe how fast summer is going by!!! We have had two ballgames this week, two more tonight, but they are almost over. I won't miss the heat, but I will kind of miss watching them play....Tristan's little team seems to be getting their grove on now that we are almost done and Madi's team is in 2nd. Madi got the winning out Tuesday night against a team that hadn't been beat, so we were excited about that!! We went to see Karate Kid Tuesday with the Carter clan, and it was a really good movie! Yesterday I decided to go and get my niece and nephew and let them have some good quality play time with their cuz's! I think they all enjoyed it!

Kylie and Madi Bell

Weston and Tristan- I really don't know what they were doing, it's like they were trying to pose....

My little Coop, he will not get in the pool, not even with me??? He would rather walk around it and sweat!!!

Madi relaxing. I think her and Kylie would have stayed in the pool all day long!

 They had a lazy river going and they all would just float around.

Is that a pink tube Tristan??? Him and Braxton had a big discussion about the color pink the other day in the car, they are so funny to listen to at this age!!


They have popsicle sticks in their mouths, they thought they were going to play outside, but I think that lasted about 5 mins, and back in they went. Too Hot!!!

And the girls did get out of the pool long enough to eat a popsicle too!
All in all I think they had a great day together!


  1. Thanks for inviting them over! They LOVED it! And Mommy appreciated the study time!

  2. Looks like fun and glad the cousins could come over. What a blessing to have family so close.