Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010....

     Well today is the last day of 2010...this year has went by so fast!! I have been starting to take down my Christmas decorations today, which makes me very comes and goes so fast it seems, and I just want to enjoy my kids as much as possible during the season. But we have had a wonderful Christmas. Our year has been good too, everyone was well, we took our first family vacation this year, Madison started kindergarten, Tristan turned 10, Madi 6, and Coop 3. I do pray for a better year next year for our business though, this has been one of our worst years ever for us since we started it 10 years ago, the economy has been bad for so many people this year, so I pray for 2011 to be a better year for anyone struggling in any way.             
May you all find good health, peace, love, and happiness in the New Year!!!
Blessings To All
Happy New Year!!!
The Goodwin Family

Christmas Night At Mema's and Papa's

     Well the day is coming to an end, but we have one more stop at Mema's and Papa's for some dinner and presents...let the fun begin!!!
My parents go way over board on the presents, but we do love it!!!

Too very excited little boys...

I wonder what it is???

Everyone is so busy opening, it's crazy!! There are 8 kids in all, so there is no way to see what everyone gets.

A new scarf and purse.

Coop was all the talk this year, because he got the "big" gift, you know how it is everyone wants the really big box under the tree, until you are an adult, then you like small boxes or gift cards!! Oh, by the way the box was a John Deer Tractor "Pachoe" as Coop called it, this little boy was on cloud 9!!!

Sardines' for Tristan, that's right, I said Sardine's, my dad is a jokester and he put them in their stockings, but Tristan will eat them too!!! Crazy I know!!

Some pj's for Coop and some clothes.

My sister-in-law and I had to play a game to get our gifts, my dad thought we should have to work for ours, I had to look in the dryer, bathroom, china cabinet, etc.. till I found my gift cards, which I love!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas with our families, we are very blessed to have them all in our lives!!
Thanks Mema and Papa for a wonderful Christmas!!
We love you!!!

Christmas Day at Grandma's House

     After we open gifts at home we go to my grandma's house for breakfast, it is something I have done since I was a child. After that we are off to Eric's parent's house for Christmas lunch and presents....
Madi Bell with her Color Explosion.

Tristan with his duck hunter.

And this little guy, he would just open everyone's gift's....just wanted to tear off the paper, what fun!!! He pretty much wore his pj's all day long..

Mickey Mouse box, he loves him some Mickey...
My mother-in-law fixed a wonderful lunch for us all, we enjoyed it very much!!!
Thanks Grandma and Granddad!!

Christmas Day 2010

     Santa came!!!! I don't sleep hardly at all Christmas Eve night, I get just as excited as the kids do!! We put cookies out for Santa and got everyone snuggled in bed, then morning came and I had to wake everyone up!!!
Christmas morning....

more presents...I guess they were good this year! Atleast most of the time! ;)

Everyone is still trying to wake up...

Miss Madi with some new jewelry.

Opening presents...

He wanted a red guitar...

Tristan thought all he was getting was was quite funny listening to him complain about all the clothes!!!

But then finally something good!! The older they get, the quanity changes because of the cost!!!

This little girl was tickled to get "fake" nails, she loved them!! She also got a new Karoake machine, which I might add, mommy here is really starting to rock at!! Well atleast in my head I am!!!

More clothes, you can tell by his face he is excited!! Ha!! Santa did bring him an XBox too, so it wasn't all clothes for Christmas!!!

New weedeater and chainsaw, and this little guy was very content!! Ahh, I love this age!!!

What a mess of trash....but boy was it fun!!!
I hope they got what they wanted, as their parents you just want to see a smile on their faces and be happy! And most of all, I still want them to know what this day is really about...
Happy Birthday Sweet Jesus!!
We Are So Thankful For You!!!

Christmas Eve 2010

     We had a wonderful Christmas this year with our family and friends. It was very busy as usual, but I guess that is what makes it Christmas, trying to spend time with everyone! I love, love, love this time of year!!! So here are some pictures of our Christmas Eve...
We have Christmas Eve at my mom's during the day. Here is Eric and Madi Bell.

This little boy laughed and laughed, he so enjoys all the attention at Grandma's house!!

Mema and Papa, with Chevy Chase on the tv, wouldn't be Christmas without watching Christmas Vacation!!! :)

Madi Bell with some money from Grandma Bell and Papa George.

Coop played like this all day, this little boy loves him some tractors.

Oh, look who I found, Tristan, he is getting so big and seems to disappear from the camera!

Now we have moved on to Christmas Eve night at Aunt Linda's and Uncle Chuck's. Coop was riding the horse, lots of quarters were used that evening!!!

Opening gifts.

A shot of everyone.

Madi Bell got a Barbie.

Cooper got a truck and horse trailor.

Tristan got a new lego set.

We had a very nice day and couldn't wait to get home to get ready for Santa!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Around Our House

     Well I thought I would go ahead and take some pictures of the house while it is still clean from this weekend's party all decorated before the kids destroy it, so here it is....Christmas at our house.
This is the tree in the dining room. It's done all in red and green.

View of tree and table.

My Christmas table centerpiece. I found these grapevine trees and then added some fresh cedar pieces, and I love it!!!

I guess you could call this the "foyer", this house is so open, it isn't really???

Now we will call it the buffett, with it's cute little reindeer I got at Kirkland's last year.

I was trying different settings, this kind of makes my head hurt!

Here is Christmas in the kitchen, simple with a few pieces of fresh cedar.

My little tea set from WalMart last year.

I found these at Pier One this year, too cute!!

The back platter was from Wal-Mart this year and the front one is from last year. Got to love you some Wally World!!

Some more grapevine trees on the kitchen table.

The two small trees in the kitchen.

Christmas in the living room, my big tree, kind of hard to get a good pic of it, it has a lot of black mesh ribbon on it and leopard.

Simple coffee table with a few greens and oranaments.

The mantle.

Some red feather trees.

A little close up of the tree.

On the sofa table.

This is Cooper's tree, and I just love it!!! Sock monkey tree!!!

Madi Bell's tree, it's white with colored lights, which I am not really a fan of it, but it works for her room.

And this is Tristan's tree, it's mostly sports stuff.

So there it is, nothing exciting, I am trying to add a few new things here and there without going Christmas crazy with decorations. I wanted to just add some things to my decor I already have, without having to move everything out!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!!
Happy Christmas Decorating!!!