Monday, December 20, 2010

Girls Night Christmas Party!!!

      Oh my, what a night!!! This was such a great night, we all had such a great time, well atleast I did, I think everyone else did too?!?! All I should say is "SNOWMAN"!!! That should put a smile on their faces!!! :)) This was such a great bunch of girls, I just love all of them!! And I have missed seeing some of them! I hosted the party this year, hopefully we will get to do it next year again! And maybe the "lady" aka:not the UPS man, will show up again next year too!!! :)

      Here are a few pics from the evening, I hope some of the other girls will post some too!
Shannon, Karrie D, and Mandi, everyone looked so cute!!!

Kerri M, Stacy, and Shania, too cute too!! Miss Shania I am loving that sweater too, where did you find it???

Stacy M, Andria, and Ashley

Here, you can see Stacy better here.. :)

Nothing better then getting to sit around and talk "girl" talk!! It's fun to be able to share with your girlfriends what "life" is really like!!! Ha!!

Sweet Tonia with her cute Christmas bowl while playing dirty santa.

Karrie with a Sonic card.

Stacy with the popular crosses during the game...

Andria with a cute frame.

Mandi with the "snowman".....just sayin'!!!

Ashley with a super cute hat.

Shannon with a little shoe.

I don't know if everyone left with what they had in the pics...
but we had a really great time!!
We so should have gotten Eric to take a pic of all of us, totally forgot.
My oldest son got up the next morning and asked what in the world we were doing??? He said we were all crazy!!! Ha!! It was some much needed good ole', jaw hurting, stomach hurting, happy tear laughs!!!

Thanks girls for such an awesome evening!!! You are all very special to me, make my life better kind of girls! May you all have a very blessed CHRIST filled Christmas with your families!!!
Love you all!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!
OH.....I almost forgot.....


  1. Thank you Heather for hosting!! I had a great time! Lots of laughs...good food...and of course...SNOWMAN!!

  2. Thanks for being such a GREAT hostess!! I had a blast and wish we could all get together more often! Snowman!