Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swimming Lessons, VBS, Buzz Lightyear, and a Nap

     Well we have made to mid week this week, it is a very busy week VBS, swim lessons, and three baseball games! Tristan and Madison have been going to VBS this week and they are loving it, Madison especially I think! This was her first year to get to go and she was all over it, I am so glad they are enjoying it. After I pick the kids up we load up and head to Ft. Smith every day to swim lessons with Madi, which I was so nervous about...last year we made it two days and on that second day he asked me to go to the car and wait, well she still made herself sick, so we called it good and stopped going. But this year she is doing great!!! Yeah Madi!

My little fish in training.

Swimming backwards...

I just thought this was funny, Evan talking with the girls...I think he was telling them about his goggles??

And not to be left out, here is my little Buzz Lightyear, poor thing has been left at home with boring ol' mom while the big kids have been at VBS. The suit is about three times to big, but we are a huge fan!!

And here he is again asleep standing up, really, that is tired....

I hope everyone is having a good summer!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dreaming of White....

      Today the kids swam and I laid out by the pool with the this....

of this.....

and I'm quite fond of this coffee table too...

I have always been attracted to dark colors, red, black, gold, some greens, and browns, but I have this sudden urge to have a white couch, white curtains, pillows, everything lightened up around here.....I am sure I won't change a thing, but my what a Pottery Barn picture can do for you!!!!
Just dreaming of white.....I am married to a dumptruck driver and who can forget the "oil" spill...on Cooper!!! Everything should be the color of dirt instead!! Ha!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swimming with the Cousins

     Well so far, we are having a good week. I just can't believe how fast summer is going by!!! We have had two ballgames this week, two more tonight, but they are almost over. I won't miss the heat, but I will kind of miss watching them play....Tristan's little team seems to be getting their grove on now that we are almost done and Madi's team is in 2nd. Madi got the winning out Tuesday night against a team that hadn't been beat, so we were excited about that!! We went to see Karate Kid Tuesday with the Carter clan, and it was a really good movie! Yesterday I decided to go and get my niece and nephew and let them have some good quality play time with their cuz's! I think they all enjoyed it!

Kylie and Madi Bell

Weston and Tristan- I really don't know what they were doing, it's like they were trying to pose....

My little Coop, he will not get in the pool, not even with me??? He would rather walk around it and sweat!!!

Madi relaxing. I think her and Kylie would have stayed in the pool all day long!

 They had a lazy river going and they all would just float around.

Is that a pink tube Tristan??? Him and Braxton had a big discussion about the color pink the other day in the car, they are so funny to listen to at this age!!


They have popsicle sticks in their mouths, they thought they were going to play outside, but I think that lasted about 5 mins, and back in they went. Too Hot!!!

And the girls did get out of the pool long enough to eat a popsicle too!
All in all I think they had a great day together!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun At The Natural's Game

     Saturday night we went to the Natural's game. It started out very hot, I thought it might just be miserable hot, but a front came through and cooled it down to the point I actually had goose bumps! This is only the second time we have been, but we love it! The San Diego Chicken was there this time, and he was a hoot!! They won too, so that is always a plus!!! Here are some pics of everyone.

Everyone got a foam finger!

The family, already sweating and we weren't even to our seats, thought I might cut my hair off it was so hot!

The San Diego Chicken, he was just too funny!!

Camden, Braxton, Tristan, Tatum, and Peyton

Coop and Easton- at first we were thinking, "what were we thinking bringing them to this game???", but they both ended up being pretty good!

Corbyn and Madi Bell dancing

James and Stacy- I think this is a really great pic!!

Amber and Joe- this is a great pic too!!

Eric and Madi Bell, I think they look a like??? Ha!

Me and Eric, looks like I am afraid of the sun! But really I have a little color, just nothing compared to Jose there beside me!!

We had a great time, can't wait to do it again!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

     Happy Father's Day all you dad's out there!! I hope you are having the best day with your family's. We have had a great day here at the Goodwin house. We got in late last night from a Natural's game, so we slept in and went to church, then spent the afternoon at my parents house. Eric's parents joined us there for dinner, which is such a blessing not to have to rush around to everyone's house, we get to sit and enjoy everyone. It was a great lunch, thanks mom!!

     The kids got Eric a card, movie, and a big bag of M&M's, one of his favorite! I got him a new grill a few weeks ago and told him it was for Father's Day!! My kids love their daddy so very much, they can't wait to see him every day when he comes home! He really is a great dad! I hope he had a great day! We love you Eric!!!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

We love you!!

I can't post without saying Happy Father's Day to my dad! A father and daughter have a very unique bond, and me and my dad do too! I just thank God for such a wonderful and caring dad. I became really close to my dad after I got married, he has taught me so much, he is always there for me, whether I need him to fix something, or need him to watch my kids and he always has an ear to listen and give advice when needed. I see him in myself in a lot of ways, my creativity, my emotional side, my joking side.He is one of the funniest people I know and is one of the nicest people I know. So here's to my dad, I love you and I need you, you see my dad told me today how their preacher talked about how people do not tell other people they "need" them, especially men, we made a point to tell each other face to face that we need each other. I love you dad!! Thanks for all you do!!

Our funny side.

Happy Father's Day dad!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finally used my Christmas Gift...

     Well I finally used one of my Christmas gifts today. I have been waiting to use it, and I finally decided my burb was so dirty inside it needed a detail job! The kids had gotten me gift cards for a car detail for Christmas, and I must admit I love it! It looks brand new again!!! I don't even want them to get in it, in fear of it getting dirty! These pics aren't that great, but I was just so darn excited about how clean it was!

No bugs....but not for long, the ballfields are awaiting us tonight...

She is so clean, let's just leave her here.....

I have to put my big mats back in, but look no dirt, no icee cups in the cup holders, no didi's laying in the floor, ahh, enjoy for a minute.....

Besides dropping my burb off for the day, and I mean the day, must have been really bad, Eric took off work and we went to eat at Chili's for lunch, went to get Father's Day gift's , went to the mall, and then went bowling, we had a great day. And now we are getting ready for 2 games tonight!! Enjoying summer so far!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1 Year Anniversary in the House

     Well I "thought" today was the 1 year anniversary that we lived in the house, but to my surprise it was on the 11th! How did I miss that??? Eric said it was the 11th, I said no it's the 16th, I looked it up, it's the 11th. One point for Eric...  Anyways we have been here now for a year and 5 days! Ha! Here is a pic of what she looked like on the outside when we bought her...
The trees were hanging to the ground and you could hardly see the house.

These pics aren't the greatest, but you get the idea.

And this is what it looks like today. We trimmed the trees back added cedar shutters, new sidewalk, and all new landscaping, and cedar poles on the porch. She does look better, but I still have plans for her....

I can't wait for the landscaping to all grow in big, it's looks kind of wimpy here. We have made a lot of changes so far for a year's time, but there is so many more things I want to do!! This remodeling thing has been trying on me... Eric would stay here for the rest of his life, I am not sure about that though??? I miss a "new" house, high ceilings, everything seems nice and clean, so we will see in time. We have done a lot in the house too, it just seems like it is taking forever...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family Fun In Branson Part 2

     Here are a few more pictures from our trip to Branson....

This is all the kids in the giant rocking chair at The Grand Village.
Tristan, Papa, and Weston

Me and Eric

Angela and Kyle

Weston, Kyle, and Kylie

This is Angela's nephew, and when we turned around he was sitting in Santa's lap, glad I had my camera!! He's probably not though!!!

Lexi, Angela, and Laci

Eric and Tristan riding go carts. Oh, and did I mention they had a wreck! Couldn't be Eric's wild driving???

Kyle and Weston

That's it for pics from this trip! It was fun! We will probably go back again before school starts. But for now we are waiting on our big trip to Florida!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Fun In Branson Part 1

     Well we had a great time on our family Branson trip. My parents had gotten all of us season passes for Silver Dollar City, so we all loaded up for a weekend trip!

This was at breakfast at Silver Dollar City. Madi was a little scared, so "Aunt" Kyle stepped in to help.

Eli, Weston, and Tristan on the new Tom Sawyer ride.

Madi and Kylie.

This is what Coop did most of the day, steel everyone's drink, but you couldn't blame him, it was HOT!!

Coop and I on the catipillar's, we made it through this ride, but when we got on the frog's, well let's just say he wanted off of them!! Yikes!!!

Lexi, sitting in the shade trying to cool down.

Madi Bell, down at Splash Harbor. Disappointed that they got rid of the area where the kids get soaked.

Tristan, sweating like crazy, did I mention it was hot, and it is only the middle of June!!

We had a really great day out at the park, the kids were really good for the most part, even Coop!!

This is the boys at the Hard Luck Diner. We have never ate here for some reason, but it was so good and so much fun! The servers sing while you eat.

Me and Eric

Weston and Coop- this is just the cutest pic!!

Do I even need to say anything??? We ordered 2 of them!!

Everyone got their turn to dig in, this one was a bananna split.

They ate every single bite of it! We had a brownie one, and it was good!!

Thanks Mema and Papa for a great weekend!!!
I will post more pics later!!