Friday, June 4, 2010

Closet Case

Well we have a closet case at our house, it's really embarassing to be quite honest....anyways you know that little sweet "princess" I speak of on here, well she has a major problem with her closet.
This is it.....speaks for itself, doesn't it??? This is a walk in closet keep in mind, don't know where you would walk in, maybe it should be a "climb in" closet???

Hey, there is a vaccum laying there, maybe we should just suck it all up???

Ok, the boxes there, they are my fault, I will take that one, I don't want to climb in the attic when it's 98 outside!

Do any of you mom's know what I mean here??? I mean what the heck happened in here??? There could be a dead cat in there for all I know, we don't have a cat, so I hope not, but I'm just sayin'!!

Anyways, I guess we have a little project to do now, not that I don't have a list of them anyways, but we might find some valuable goods down under all of that stuff! So wish me luck and hopefully I will come back with pics of a neat, clean, princess closet!!!


  1. Madi my closet looked just like that when I was a kid and it drove my mom crazy too! I'm sure your just busy doing more fun things than cleaning out your closet!! Don't bother Heather it will look like that again next week!

  2. To give you hope, my mom still talks about my closet being a trapped door. That it never ended with stuff. I am now kind of a neat freak and not a pack rat at all. Have a great weekend Heather.

  3. My closet always looked like that growing up. Good luck cleaning it all up!! Have fun Heather! I bet Madi Bell finds things she forgot about!!