Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pool Party!!!

      Well the "lunch bunch" had their first pool party today!! I say the lunch bunch, because usually we girls have lunch at La Fiesta when the kids are in school, but since they are out we added 16 little kids to our lunch date!!! We decided we all wanted to see each other through the summer, so we are still committed to lunch, just not at a restuarant!! I enjoyed all of you so much and I think the kids had a great time too!!! Here are some pics from our day!!!

The original "lunch bunch". Mandi , Miss E, me, Tonia, Shania, Shannon, and Stacy

My Madi girl..

Little Jasper


Easto- I am sure he missed his "Pooper", he was at grandma's house due to a cut on the head he couldn't get wet, more on that story later!!

Cute little Evan, he said "no pictures please", could that be because mom is a photographer???

Litte Miss E enjoying a sugar cookie!!

Miss Lily

Ok, this was just funny, those are those things that catch balls, and he was wearing them as shoes with the ball on it!!! Too cute!!

They are nine, so this was the best I could get, noone wants to be serious!

This pic just makes me feel like they are getting too old, just hanging out talking....

Little wave pool going on, the water was rolling over the edge....

Shannon and Tonia

Good girl talk going on as always...


My Tristan- didn't want to take this pic, but I made him!

Buddy- poor thing the big boys kept knocking him off of the shark, but he was a trooper and kept getting back on!

I love this pic of EW, I don't know if he was mad or what???

We had an awesome day together and I can't wait to do it again!!! I think I missed a pic of some kiddo's, I will try next time to get all of them, they wouldn't be still!!!

I am so blessed to have such a great group of friends, I just love all of you!!!!


  1. Ha! Did we coordinate the black and white theme?? I look like a dork in my hat - but, since I have a few years on you girls - I'm needing to save my face. :)

    Heather - thanks so much for hosting! We had a great time! The kids both feel asleep on the way home. Your outdoor area and home are absolutely beautiful.

    Coveting here, I tell you!

  2. fell, not feel. sorry!

    And, thanks to MW for getting my kiddos there on time. :)

  3. Great pics! Thanks for hosting, everything was beautiful!

  4. Thank you so very much! This was our first real day of "summer fun". Sis is STILL asleep!

  5. It was a blast! Thank you for hosting. Everything looks amazing! My boys came home and slept. You got some great pictures.

    Shannon- love the hat! I think it is cute.

  6. Heather Thank you so much! It was a wonderful time! I say "Thank you" for my whole crew (wink wink)! Also, you did an excellent job cropping the photos. I really appreciate that!