Friday, July 30, 2010

Baseball Wrap Up

   Well we finally had the baseball party for Tristan's team. His team did ok for the their first season of kid pitch, Tristan hit the ball pretty well this year, we are proud of him!! Here are a few pics from the party.
Really cute cake, and good!!!

The players that could make the party, we missed the ones that couldn't make it!

Boys being boys, who knows what they are talking about???

Future baseball players, Coop and Easton. Coop fell in the pool only once to my knowledge, thanks little Alex for getting him!

The boys with their trophies, which were also very cute!

Tristan and his trophie, great job this year Tristan! We love you and are proud of you!!
Now we move on to football, literally had one week off from sports, and we were on vacation that week. Not sure I am ready for the whole school thing to start this year, they fuss, but I also like to have them all home!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On the Beach

     Here we are as a group! We had a great time Carter's and Leonard's!!! Where should we go next??? I wish the Walker's were in this pic too!!!!
Picture by Shannon Walker


      Ok, one more post on our vacation, I think.....
This is Evan and Madi Bell, and these two were having a ball here on the Dolphin Cruise, they played forever.

So sweet...they are.

Madi, Tristan, Braxton, and Peyton at Bruster's for ice cream. It was so good, we went two night in a row!

These two are looking so big...

Madi enjoying her ice cream.

Eric enjoying his brownie fudge sundae!

Coop enjoying the three bites he took of his, I learned to not order, just eat the leftovers!!

I guess the gator has Braxton down here in this picture???

Madi, Brooks, and Evan building a sandcastle, well until Cooper or Easton walked by and stomped it! Got to love toddlers!!!

Coop and Eric on the night we did pics with Shannon, can't wait to see them!!!!
We had a really great time with everyone!!! Can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


  The girls traveled down to Seaside one day with Coop and Easton to see what this Seaside was all about.... Our good friend Tonia is in love with Seaside, and now I totally see why!! It is just the neatest little town!!
The view to the beach is just a little more calm looking....

This is a row of Airstream's with little eating joints.

Coop sitting at one of the cute little table's.

Queen Bee Cupcakes

The so cute post office!

Easton and Coop

This was this outside store with all these little boothes, so, so pretty.

Tons of jewelry and clothes.

Another view

This pic was taken in this big lighthouse looking thing, it was the coolest spot there, did I say that it was sooo hot, literally sweat running down all of us, the kind where when you get back in the car, you get cold, because your soaked!!

It was just beautiful! I am so glad we drove down there. I didn't get any pics of the houses around, but they were beautiful too!!
So Tonia, I think I might have fell in love too! We so missed you not being there with us!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Vacation in Destin

     Here are a few more picture's of our trip....
The pool at our complex.

Madi at the pool. They loved the pool.

Cooper at the pool.

Coop was getting really tired here.

But he found in himself to sing us a country song!!

Easto, this just makes me laugh everytime I look at it!!!

A family picture.

Jenn, me, and Stacy-with Peyton in the background

Braxton and Tristan at the  Lucky Snapper

Cooper at the Lucky Snapper, it was a really good restuarant, but so hot!! It had open windows all around, no air!

This was the view out the windows though, very pretty!


     Good Morning!!! Well we made it back from our vacation safe and sound! I was physically exhausted when we got home, but after a good day of rest I think I am good. We spent 7 days in sunny Destin, Florida with the Carter's, Leonard's, and the Walker's joined us for a couple of days too!! So much fun!!!
This pic was outside the Lucky Snapper where we ate one night, thought it just looked neat!

The kids patiently waiting for the golf cart to take them to the beach.
The sun is in my eyes mom.....
My little Coopster, he was a trooper on the beach, but we had our moments!
Madi and Easton at the edge of the water for the first time.
Tristan, again, mom my eyes, I think he has eyes, never opened them for a picture though???
Playing in the sand under the tent, which was a life saver!!!
Easton and Coop busy, busy, busy....
Coop buried in the sand.
And finally, we fell asleep on the beach in the sand...he did this two of the days we were out there. He didn't like the water for the first three days we went to the beach, but finally on Friday he decided he liked it!! Go figure!
I have so many pics I will have to do several posts!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Madison's Baseball Party

      We hosted Madison's tee ball party at the house yesterday afternoon and it was hot outside!!!! I think I had a sweat mustache the whole time!!! But the kids were cool in the pool!!! We had a geat time and the little kids have had a great year for their first year of tee ball, Coach Josh did great with them!! It takes some patience with a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds, trying to teach them what to do and not to do on the field....
The cake, umm good!!!
The tee ball team with coach Josh. I took several of these, but as you can imagine, there was always someone not looking, with their mouth open, something!! But their all still cute!

Here is my little tee ball girl, who had a bad case of swimmers ear, but we managed to stuff cotton in her ear, and she had strick orders to not get it wet!!
A sea of floaties was in the pool!
I think this is Ty going off the slide and Landen standing beside it.
And here is Landan Nelms with his tube going down the slide, later he became a professional nerf water gun shooter, getting everyone in sight!
Camden and Corbyn
Some of the great parents on the team trying to stay cool in the shade.
Amber, Ashley, and Jennifer
And here is Lily and Madi having ice cream in the shade.

It was a great party and I hope everyone enjoyed it!!