Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!!

     Happy 4th of July to everyone!!! We celebrated yesterday at our house with a family bar-b-q. I was so glad we were blessed with rain yesterday, but I had one upset little girl that really wanted to go to the square for the "festival" as she kept saying, just as it stopped raining our guests arrived, so maybe next year!
We placed flags everywhere this year, was feeling a little festive this year!
This was as good as it gets with a picture of all three, he just doesn't want to cooperate!
Tristan and Madi Bell with their festive outfits.
He would not look at me, I think he was doing it on purpose....
We finally got the water to work on the slide, and it is like a waterfall now, it gushes off of there, which means the kids do too!!
Papa George and Grandma
Aunt Angela
Lexi and her friend had a blast with these water guns, needless to say, they ganged up on the boys big time!
Coop decided he wanted to get into the pool, so the big girls would sit him in like this and he was one happy camper, I think I might have found me a babysitter too! The entertained him forever, we had to make them three get out to go watch the fireworks!
Just lounging, too cute!!

We also went to watch the fireworks, and I must say that Greenwood did an awesome job again this year!!!

I hope everyone has a great day with family and friends, we are so blessed to have this independence day!!!

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  1. I LOVE the pic of Cooper in the tube! That's too cute! Happy 4th you guys!