Friday, April 30, 2010

Madi Bell's First Tee Ball Game

      Well after years of sitting and watching her older brother play baseball, it was finally Madi Bell's big night of her first tee ball game!! She was so excited to get to play finally. It also worked out really nice where big brother did not have a game, so it was all about her! She did really good for the first game, they all did. I forgot how stressful tee ball is!!! My voice is a little sore today from the yelling, I mean poor little things the really don't know what to do, you kind of have to tell them, till they figure it out. It is so much fun watching them though. They won their game last night and Madi got two good hits, and even scored a run for us, she got out the other time on 3rd. After the game it was all about the icee, her very own icee that she got from playing ball, not just because brother had one. It was a fun evening and tonight if the rain holds off we will do it again!!
Little Miss Madi Bell, sporting her "pink" belt, since there are only two girls on the team, we had to girly it up!
She played 2nd base, and for some reason she stood like this the whole night??? Guess she was guarding the base line???
Here we are up to bat for the first time.
We luckily got big brothers number 12, so that all of mom's t-shirts will do for both kids!!
Strike 1, she did end up hitting it.
Here is her helmet, we had to bling it up a little!!
Madi Bell and Corbyn Grace- the only two girls on the team, we need to get her a pink belt too!

Madi I hope you enjoy this first year of tee ball!!! She is becoming a big girl this year it seems, kind of sad, but I am not going to cry, kindergarten is coming this year too.... Raising kids is one of life's best blessings.....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Black Gloves???

      This post will not have much writing, because these pics speak for themselves.....
Ahh, look at my black gloves mom!!! Your not smiling mom???
I know Madi is thinking,"your in trouble"!! I was very mad in the moment, but took the pics to laugh at later....ahh, a 2 year old!! We will not go into details, just know there was a "big" kid in trouble too, and I don't mean his siblings!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Couples Weekend

      Happy Day Ladies!!! I did not attend the RefresHer conference at church, but I feel refreshed after a weekend with just me and my hubby in Branson!! So very nice, we had so much fun, it rained on us, but who cares, we didn't have to load and unload kids, it was just "us". It is so nice to get to spend a whole weekend as a couple. We went to two movies, I mean when was the last time we went to see two movies in one weekend??? Crazy!!! We ate, and ate, and ate, good stuff, good food. I have the box of Krispy Kreme Donuts here on the counter to prove it, and the fudge, and the chocolate covered strawberries, need I say more......we shopped....shopped some more....we enjoyed ourselves.....and now we are glad to hear those little voices call our names, makes me breath them in more....

      Tomorrow evening we start the baseball season!! Yeah, bring it on!! I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a blessed week ahead!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tristan's 3rd Grade Performance

      Good Evening!! Hope everyone is having a great week??? We are! Tonight we went to the dreaded music performance or atleast that is what Tristan thought! He begged and begged not to go, didn't want to sing in front of everyone. I asked if he had a solo I didn't know about, he said no, so I said were going! This mommy wants atleast one more stage performance on video! He is growing up so fast, and he is even getting that little attitude with it!! Must come with every model at this age. He still is such a good kid and I am proud of him! They did a great job tonight, singing their little hearts out. My pics from inside didn't turn out very good, where is Shannon when you need her!! But here are a few snapshots afterwards of some good ol' friends!
Tristan and Braxton, there were like 5 camera's going, so they really didn't know which way to look! And Tristan will not smile for me, it's like pulling teeth!
Tristan and friends.
I just love all of Collin's facial expressions, he was fun to watch tonight!!
This was as still as they would be for me, but here are two best buddies. Sad to think about the day they will be standing there after there 3rd grade performance!!
And these two, well what can we say??? I took this pic for the wedding one day!!
This is really a cute little pic of these little sun babies, well big girls they would say!
And we can't forget me and my buddy. I was really hoping for more of a face pic, but I guess Eric wanted to show what we were wearing. I look like I could float away or pregnant, which I am not, but it looked better at home in the mirror! But Stacy looks cute as usual!
And one more of this sweet little boy and his sis!

We had a good evening!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Dining Room Table

           Well I decided to start a little decorating around here, it is hard to get motivated to decorate a house that is being remodeled! But something sparked my interest and I started messing around with the dining room table after I cleared all the GKS off of it. And I wasn't going to post pics, because I don't really feel it's "done", but what the heck, it will change always in this house! You see this is my passion, I am definetly not professional grade, some of these blogs out here amaze me, but I so enjoy it, and when I get in a zone, it's just a great feeling! So here is a sneek peek of what I have been doing!
I am trying to put in some summer colors, like the green. My favorite color is black, and I use it everywhere!! I have had this table and chairs for 8 years now, I bought a basic color, so that it wouldn't go out of style, I would love to recover them, but I am probably better off just adding my color on top of the table! I do spice it up a little later though! 
This is a close up, I love the little pear! A matter of fact, I bought it twice, not on purpose, just because I love it!
I got these flowers from Wal-Mart , just stuck them in the vase, very cheap flower arrangement!
Side view. I will try to get a wider pic eventually, but this room is really one big room, the couch is right on the other side, and that side of the room, well it's still stuck in the 80's!!
And here's where I decided to spruce it up!! Add a little zebra, it's wild!!! This piece was in the foyer with pillows on it if you remember, but now I think I am liking it here! Girls sometimes you have to shop your house, you will be amazed at what could work in another room or somewhere else with a different purpose.
There it is in the corner, I like it there too, we will see who wins out! Because now I will have to replace it with something else over there!
I added a throw and some pillows to my chairs, just because it adds warmth to it. This is not an everyday table, we only use it for "family" dinners, so it can look like this. This would not be practical for my two year old!! Especially the furry white rug!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can I Get A Whoo Hoo?!?!?

     I am so excited, because tonight is girl's night out!! So to all my peeps I will be dining with tonight, can't wait to see you all, it should be fun!!! It's dinner and a movie! Yeah!!

     Hope everyone is having a great day so far!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This, That, and Some More!!!!

      Hello!!! Hope everyone is having a great week so far??? It is going by fast here at our house!! I have been busy with my growing kids stuff, and I think I have it all wrapped up!! Yeah!! It is a lot of work, but worth it.
Here it is all stacked accordingly, now to the car it goes!!!
This was a little urn I picked up at the antique store last week, she wouldn't come real clean, so she got a make-over!
She's black now, kind of looks brown.
When I went outside this morning there was a good looking man delivering me this dirt, oh yea, he's my sweet husband!!! Very good service I must say, I asked for a dirt pile for the kids, and bam it was here!! Future pics to come of three happy little people that love to play in the dirt!! Thanks Daddy!!!
And this little bute, is per Miss Tonia!! She seen it at the antique store and thought of me! Thank You!! I did almost get into a fight with a lady, but I was holding a sweet little boy, so I think she backed off!! I also picked up these ferns at Wal-Mart today, they are my all time favorite ferns, queen ann ferns. I am just loving this spring time weather!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some Springtime Decorating and a Truck!

      Hello Everyone!!! Hope your weekend's were great??? We had a pretty nice and quiet weekend for once and it was really nice!! We did some plant shopping and started doing some sprucing up around the house this weekend. We got to mow the yard, we went to Rock Island and bought some ferns. I got to start empting the flower pots with all the left over dead plants from last year. It is always nice to see new life brought back to the deck. We didn't get finished at all, just the start, but I will post some of the pics of the changes made so far.
The wreath on the front door. I need a new front door really bad, but for now I am just covering it up with a wreath!
A new fern for the front porch and my new pillows from Garden Ridge!!! I love them!!!! And they were so cheap!! They look like something from Ballard's Designs. I still want to add something else to the porch, but I will have to study it for a while.....
Close up of the pillows, did I say I love them, because I do!!! Ha!
I bought these this weekend and put them out in the yard for a pop of color. Sorry the sun was shining when I took the pic, I will get a better one later.
Here you can see it a little better. I am loving lime green, if you can't tell???? My house is a dark brick and it had to be something that would stand out!
Ok, here is a better shot of the chairs, this is before I decided to add the pillows to them.
This was all I got to on the back deck. I am waiting on Eric to power wash the deck and stain it, before I put everything out. But him and the power washer got in a fight today....need I say anymore ladies??? Evidentally it wasn't working right!!
My favorite flag, so summery!!
And last but not least, my hubby finally got a much needed and wanted new "used" truck!! We love it, all of us can fit in it!! He is a very hard worker and has done without a nice vehicle for years now, he really does deserve it!! He is like a kid on Christmas morning with it!!

I hope you all have a blessed week and I hope you can see God's work somewhere in your life or around you, look and you will see.....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Riding Bikes

     Hello!! Isn't it just beautiful outside today??? Love it! Just going to post some pics of the kids out riding their bikes after school.
Miss Madison, she has a bigger bike, but thinks she can't ride it yet. Something we will work on this summer.
Cooper sporting Madi's helmet, I guess I need to get him one. I bet we can find a Car's one somewhere!
Coop on what he calls his bike.
Tristan looks a little fuzzy, but this was all I could get of him. He kept speeding by me.

Coop likes to work on things like his dad, he said he was "fixn" it.

I hope everyone is having a good week. I seen on Shannon's blog all the pretty plants and flowers and hope I get to do some of that this weekend!! All the trees are blooming in our yard and it is starting to look so pretty! I love spring time!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

      Happy Easter to all!! I hope you all can say that "he lives in You!"!! I know he lives in my heart! We could have not asked for a more beautiful day to celebrate this day!! It seems it is always cold on Easter, but not this year, just perfect!! We have had a wonderful day today, starting with church at Washburn this morning, wonderful Easter service and the kids amazingly did great sitting through it. After service we joined in on the Easter egg hunt for the kiddos, which they loaded up on eggs! My kids love hard boiled eggs, me, not so much!! Then we were off to grandma's for Easter lunch, which was good too! Then the kids had another egg hunt there and then off to Aunt Sheila's house for more fun with family!!! We have had a full day of fellowship, food, and fun!!! I hope everyone remembers what this day means and has enjoyed it to the fullest!
Grandma and Madi
My grandparents and the kids. Madi is looking at the bunny to the side!
Coop hunting Easter eggs, he found several, then he was over it and wanted to go to grandma's house!
Madi got to hunt eggs with the big kids this year, she found a couple, but they were just too fast for her still!
Tristan looks so excited! I figure this might be my last year to have a pic with an Easter basket!!
This is as good as it got for a family pic! It's like pulling teeth for a good pic of us all!! Oh well!
Me and my Madi, she was so excited to wear her dress this morning!

I hope you all had a great day! And here's to a blessed week! May you see God's work somewhere this week!!