Friday, April 30, 2010

Madi Bell's First Tee Ball Game

      Well after years of sitting and watching her older brother play baseball, it was finally Madi Bell's big night of her first tee ball game!! She was so excited to get to play finally. It also worked out really nice where big brother did not have a game, so it was all about her! She did really good for the first game, they all did. I forgot how stressful tee ball is!!! My voice is a little sore today from the yelling, I mean poor little things the really don't know what to do, you kind of have to tell them, till they figure it out. It is so much fun watching them though. They won their game last night and Madi got two good hits, and even scored a run for us, she got out the other time on 3rd. After the game it was all about the icee, her very own icee that she got from playing ball, not just because brother had one. It was a fun evening and tonight if the rain holds off we will do it again!!
Little Miss Madi Bell, sporting her "pink" belt, since there are only two girls on the team, we had to girly it up!
She played 2nd base, and for some reason she stood like this the whole night??? Guess she was guarding the base line???
Here we are up to bat for the first time.
We luckily got big brothers number 12, so that all of mom's t-shirts will do for both kids!!
Strike 1, she did end up hitting it.
Here is her helmet, we had to bling it up a little!!
Madi Bell and Corbyn Grace- the only two girls on the team, we need to get her a pink belt too!

Madi I hope you enjoy this first year of tee ball!!! She is becoming a big girl this year it seems, kind of sad, but I am not going to cry, kindergarten is coming this year too.... Raising kids is one of life's best blessings.....


  1. Welcome to 2 kids in baseball! Fun, but hectic. Wait till we have 3!!! Madi and Corbyn look so cute!