Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day 2011

      Father's Day was this past Sunday, June 19 and my brother offered to cook out for all the dad's at his house this year, which was great!!! We had already been to the Natural's game and Red Robin for Eric the day before, so Sunday was just a day of relaxation for him. He deserves it, he works hard for us and he is a wonderful dad to our kids.
Eric and his dad Joe

They had a little game of "hillbilly" horseshoes going on!

Me and my dad- who I just think the world of and I am so thankful for, he is the best to me!!!

Crowd shot- over the last 2 years Eric and my family have started joining together for family get together's, this year Angela's family joined us too! It is great to be able to get everyone together at one time, that way Eric and I feel like we get to spend good quality time with everyone! Very blessed...

The Hostess and Host of the Day
Ang and Kyle
Thank you both for a great day!!!

Me and Ang

Toothless Tristan

Madi and her daddy- definetly a bond there for sure! Daddy's girl!

We had a great day and I hope you all did too!!!
Happy Father's Day!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Natural's Game

     We drove up the hill on Saturday to watch the Natural's play. I really don't know why we don't do this more often??? It is a short drive, if you eat before the ballpark, it can be cheap, and it is so much fun!!! Now it was a little hot!!! :) We decided to go up early and make a day of it, first off was eating at Red Robin, one of Eric's favorite places to eat, and since it was Father's Day weekend, why not??!!
Tristan and Eric

Madi and me

After eating lunch, we ventured out to look at new vehicles for me, this was not it, but the kids wish it was!!! I am just now throwing the idea around of getting something different then my suburban...and I am afraid I will miss it we will see.

Madi and Tristan at Arvest Park

Tristan and Braxton, Tristan's eye's will not open in sunlight, atleast he says they won't....

Me and Eric- from Madi's stand point...we look a little funny!!

Paige and Madi

San Diego chicken, this is now a tradition to go when he is there, it is so much fun!

Madi, Paige, and Corbyn, 3 little cuties!

Me and Stacy

Eric and I- we were sweating like crazy!! I tried a frozen lemonade, but it just melted!!! ha!!

We had a great time as always!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Since Everyone Else is Dreaming....

     I am going to dream with them....oh how I :(
I miss it so much....

Coop has asked me several times "when are we going to Jennifer's house at the beach???", she doesn't live at the beach, but if she did, wouldn't that be great!!!

Our name in the sand...oh, how we miss you white sandy beaches.

We are not on the schedule for this trip this year...
sad face....

I am with all you girls longing for the beach, we do need a support group...someone get some sand and chairs and we'll meet we ever that is!!! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Outdoor Entertaining On a Budget

      We love to host swim party's here at our house, but lately I have been frustrated with not having enough "table" space for people to eat at. And I am on a budget right now, a really tight I decided to see what I could make do with here at the house without going out and buying another table, because I have been looking and outdoor furniture is just like regular furniture, over priced big time!!! So this is what I came up with....
My new "old" mixed matched patio dining set, and I think I just might love it!!!

The table is Tristan's desk from his room, which is not in use right now, since were out for summer.

The 100 year old church pew from my office, I am kind of missing it, but may have another idea for there too...

And you'll remember the wicker chairs from here...

And this table bit the dust during one of the many storms we had, so I used the chairs from it...

I think it turned out pretty cute, we have even had dinner two days in a row out here!!

The pillow I got at TJ Maxx recently, and the toparies I got years ago, they were hidden in the bathroom closet!! :)

And while were out here, I painted my door black, and the ferns are not the ones from last year, they passed away in February....sad day for me. But I have high hopes for these to live past winter this next year!!

This is another little project I have been working on....and I say that because these silly things want to die on me...I mean they are evergreens, how in the world can they die????

This is my front porch, it looks the same as last year for the most part.

I did add a palm tree over in the corner...

And I painted this door black too!!! If you didn't know, my favorite color is black!!! I did get a new wreath for this door, something that would stand out a little better. Oh, and I found these "tops" at the antique mall one day, they were a deal!!!

So this is what I have been doing around here lately...there is much more to do, still tweaking some things outside, I have big dreams on a very tight budget!!!!

Happy Decorating!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Madi Bell's Fun Day

       On Monday Madi Bell had her kindergarten fun day at school, this was also her last day of kindergarten.... :( She had the best year you could ask for, the most wonderful teacher, Mrs. Cox!!! Love, love, love her!!! She just is the "kindergarten teacher" you have in your head, loving, kind, and made sure Madi knew she was loved and learned what she needed too.
Jess, Madi Bell, Maycie- These are two of the little girl's she became such good friend's with.

Maycie and Madi Bell

Madi Bell, Mrs. Cox, Jess

Madi Bell and Jess

Taylor and Madi Bell

Here we through in Mrs. Raydell, loved her too!

Mrs. Cox and Madi Bell- I just can't brag on her enough as a teacher...wonderful!

My sun grinned, little, last day of kindergarten Madi Bell...

It was a hot, hot day, but the kids had fun and they got to keep cool with a water hose and popsicles!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

End of School Awards

     Last week the kids had their awards ceremonies and both Tristan and Madi Bell got awards. Tristan got the Art award, Sportsmanship award, and he was on the Honor Roll too.

Tristan with his art award. I think he may take after my dad and I! My dad has an amazing talent for drawing or anything creative for that part. 

And here is Madi Bell with her Good Character award and Sportmanship award, she also was on the Principle's Roll. I believe her class voted her with the Good Character award, so I am very proud of her for that, she is a good little girl!

Here is Madi getting her awards from Mrs. Cox.
I am so proud of both of them!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day

      We had a full Memorial Day weekend, we had dinner at my grandma's, a cook out at the Carter's, and then last minute Eric and I decided to host a cook out here at our house!!! And it turned out pretty good!!!
Stacy, Tracy, Shannon, and me

The Diva's- Madi Bell and Paige

The Worker's- Easton and Cooper

Evan and Madi Bell in the boat, while it lasted...everyone loved the boat, going to have to get another one!

They act like they are going to slide, but I don't think they even got in the pool...the water was rather chilly though!!


Collin, Tristan, and Braxton
I think this is where the boat took it's last breath??? Lol!!!

These two are just too cute and rotten....they are showing us their cars they were racing in a water puddle they made. They were so good all day, they just played and played for hours!

Me and Stacy

Madi Bell and Evan drawing hop scotch on the drive after everyone left, he is at her beck and call... ;)

And some pizza and song for dinner and a little dancing from Noah!!

These 4 ate an entire giant cheese pizza by themselves!!!

We enjoyed our day and our weekend! We can't wait to have another get together with friends!

Happy Memorial Day!!!
And a BIG thanks to all the military and their families for all they do and have done!!!
Thank You!!!