Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Natural's Game

     We drove up the hill on Saturday to watch the Natural's play. I really don't know why we don't do this more often??? It is a short drive, if you eat before the ballpark, it can be cheap, and it is so much fun!!! Now it was a little hot!!! :) We decided to go up early and make a day of it, first off was eating at Red Robin, one of Eric's favorite places to eat, and since it was Father's Day weekend, why not??!!
Tristan and Eric

Madi and me

After eating lunch, we ventured out to look at new vehicles for me, this was not it, but the kids wish it was!!! I am just now throwing the idea around of getting something different then my suburban...and I am afraid I will miss it we will see.

Madi and Tristan at Arvest Park

Tristan and Braxton, Tristan's eye's will not open in sunlight, atleast he says they won't....

Me and Eric- from Madi's stand point...we look a little funny!!

Paige and Madi

San Diego chicken, this is now a tradition to go when he is there, it is so much fun!

Madi, Paige, and Corbyn, 3 little cuties!

Me and Stacy

Eric and I- we were sweating like crazy!! I tried a frozen lemonade, but it just melted!!! ha!!

We had a great time as always!!!

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