Thursday, June 9, 2011

Madi Bell's Fun Day

       On Monday Madi Bell had her kindergarten fun day at school, this was also her last day of kindergarten.... :( She had the best year you could ask for, the most wonderful teacher, Mrs. Cox!!! Love, love, love her!!! She just is the "kindergarten teacher" you have in your head, loving, kind, and made sure Madi knew she was loved and learned what she needed too.
Jess, Madi Bell, Maycie- These are two of the little girl's she became such good friend's with.

Maycie and Madi Bell

Madi Bell, Mrs. Cox, Jess

Madi Bell and Jess

Taylor and Madi Bell

Here we through in Mrs. Raydell, loved her too!

Mrs. Cox and Madi Bell- I just can't brag on her enough as a teacher...wonderful!

My sun grinned, little, last day of kindergarten Madi Bell...

It was a hot, hot day, but the kids had fun and they got to keep cool with a water hose and popsicles!!!

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