Monday, July 18, 2011

What Have We Been Doing???

     Well we officially have 4 weeks of summer left...I am trying not to tell the kids that. We have not been doing a lot lately, we finished baseball last week and we start football tonight! I love football, so I am excited!!! :) Mostly though, we have been enjoying sleeping in, swimming, and just lounging around!!! I mean what else can you do in 108 weather??? This weather is crazy!!! Crazy Hot that is!!!
We have had some of these..."sleepover's" in the livingroom floor...

Been doing lots of swimming....

A lot of a Crazy Cooper...he is not suppose to be doing that....he is getting really good at doing things he is not suppose to be doing, then smiling...

Spent a lot of time together...

We did go see Cars 2, here is Coop ready to go. Daddy had his hair slicked back!!

It was such a cute movie...

But this is what we do most days...

just enjoying a laid back summer so far.

I did get to go on a shopping trip with Stacy on Saturday to NWA. We had a really good time, shopping, eating, laughing, shopping, trying to use navigation...laughing some more, and eating some more!!! It was much needed for both of us!! ;)

And now I really need to be doing some laundry, and some major house cleaning...major house cleaning, 3 kids home all day long does some major damage!!!

Baseball Party

      Baseball is officially over and we had the end of season party at the Monkey House.
Here is the team, I didn't get a great pic, they wouldn't quit moving!

The cake

Getting the trophy.

This is a really great bunch of boys.

J.P. and Tristan

Coop sweating, he and Easton played hard.

This was the big chair they had in the room, Coop loved it!

It was a good season, these boys have played together for a long time and they really are a great bunch of boys!
We had fun! Now on to football!


      We went to Branson a couple of week's ago and I almost forgot to post pictures!! We had a really good time! We met up with the Curry crew on Saturday for a fun day at Silver Dollar City!
Tristan and Collin
Tristan begged and begged for this hat for some reason??? Needless to say we did not get the hat, what would you do with it???

Paige and Madi
Madi looks like she is trying to be gangster!

This is after they all got off the Log ride, they were soaking wet!!! Coop and I decided to watch from the bottom...good decision! :)

Gary Don, Paige, and Madi- Gary Don really got into this little could shoot the people with the water guns that walked by!! I got up to take this picture, and I was instantly a target!!

Here is my little Coop, he did a lot of this, drinking, drinking, drinking...if I got something to drink, he had to have it, and would suck it dry.

This is dark, but it's Tracy on the Merry Go Round!

This is what we all felt like at day's end...

It was a fun day!!!
We will probably go back in a couple of week's for some more fun!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th 2011

     We hosted July 4th at our house this year, we actually have hosted for 3 years now, since we have a pool. I love to host it though! We had a full house! It actually turned out to be a nice day, not to hot.
My Welcome

Madi Bell sporting her July dress as she calls it!

This here is the best part of the day in my opinion! My grandparents brought these, I love the whole picture right down to the old metal tubs...and the ice cream, well it is the best I have ever had, my grandma's recipe!

Papa George and Coop

My 3 little firecrackers

We also celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday!

The kids singing to her.

We went and watched the fireworks afterwards, which were great too!!

We had a great 4th of July!!

Baseball Wrap Up

     I think we are almost done with baseball for the year, maybe a game next week. It has been fun, they didn't win very many games, but towards the end of the season they have started to improve a lot. I enjoy it no matter if they win or lose!! Here are a few pics from our nights at the ballfields!!
Tristan and Braxton

Up to Bat

Easton and Coop- they were discussing "when they are big"...

Tristan and Weston

Two cutie pies

I can't help but post these pics of what these two do at the ballgames, they are entertainment in themselves!!! Here they are with their lunchboxes...

Smiling for a pic.

Coop, Easton, Peyton, and Camden

I never could hardly catch Madi...she was looking at Evan W., he said "no pictures"!! Ha!!!


We have enjoyed the season, it has been extremely hot around here, so I won't miss sitting out in that! Now were moving on to football!!! And let me tell you, they are so excited, meaning Eric and Tristan!! I have to admit, I do love me some football too!! :)

Swim Fun Day

     I am really behind on these blog posts, but here goes! We had a swim party a couple of weeks ago to start summer off, we have actually had one at Stacy's house since then, but I am going to post pics anyway! We have so much fun together, the mom's get to sit and talk, and the kids get to swim!!!
Hudson, Lauren, Paige, and Madi, they were all playing dress up at this point, and it was quiet the show!!!

Braxton, Tristan, Collin, Peyton

Jasper, Cooper, Easton- I love how J is looking at them!!

Hudson and Austin- when Austin is around, he is just wonderful with the kids!!!

What Braxton would have looked like in the 80's!!!

Heather, Stacy, Shania, Tracy

Peyton, Coop, and Collin- Collin is really great with the little boys too!!

And here is Easton wearing his swim cap!! Too cute!!

We had a really good day and we missed the other girls... :(

We need to have another get together very soon!!!