Thursday, July 7, 2011

Swim Fun Day

     I am really behind on these blog posts, but here goes! We had a swim party a couple of weeks ago to start summer off, we have actually had one at Stacy's house since then, but I am going to post pics anyway! We have so much fun together, the mom's get to sit and talk, and the kids get to swim!!!
Hudson, Lauren, Paige, and Madi, they were all playing dress up at this point, and it was quiet the show!!!

Braxton, Tristan, Collin, Peyton

Jasper, Cooper, Easton- I love how J is looking at them!!

Hudson and Austin- when Austin is around, he is just wonderful with the kids!!!

What Braxton would have looked like in the 80's!!!

Heather, Stacy, Shania, Tracy

Peyton, Coop, and Collin- Collin is really great with the little boys too!!

And here is Easton wearing his swim cap!! Too cute!!

We had a really good day and we missed the other girls... :(

We need to have another get together very soon!!!

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