Monday, July 18, 2011


      We went to Branson a couple of week's ago and I almost forgot to post pictures!! We had a really good time! We met up with the Curry crew on Saturday for a fun day at Silver Dollar City!
Tristan and Collin
Tristan begged and begged for this hat for some reason??? Needless to say we did not get the hat, what would you do with it???

Paige and Madi
Madi looks like she is trying to be gangster!

This is after they all got off the Log ride, they were soaking wet!!! Coop and I decided to watch from the bottom...good decision! :)

Gary Don, Paige, and Madi- Gary Don really got into this little could shoot the people with the water guns that walked by!! I got up to take this picture, and I was instantly a target!!

Here is my little Coop, he did a lot of this, drinking, drinking, drinking...if I got something to drink, he had to have it, and would suck it dry.

This is dark, but it's Tracy on the Merry Go Round!

This is what we all felt like at day's end...

It was a fun day!!!
We will probably go back in a couple of week's for some more fun!!!

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