Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Wonderland....

January 2010
     Good Evening!! I hope everyone has had a great snow filled weekend! Or in my case a "food" filled weekend! What is it about the snow, that makes us want to eat??? For no reason at that! The snow really is beautiful!! The kids love it, I loved it when I was a kid too, but now it is just pretty to look at! I am more of a warm weather kind of girl, show me some white covered beaches, and I would be all over that! There is nothing really exciting to post about this weekend, since we have been snowed in, so I will just post some winter pics. I hope everyone has a blessed week!!
Tristan, Madison, Cooper
You can see how thick the snow is on the railing! Ignore the dead plants, I was just hoping they might come back for spring, but I think I am out of luck!!
Coopster in his cars hat!
This is why I don't like snow now, this brings home the monneeyy, and now it will sit here till this melts!! Yuck!! Which means I have two kids at home to take care of!!
Ahh, these chairs, if it was summer sitting by the pool, dreamland!!
I love this pic, two sweet, sweet little boys after a long day in the cold, looking at tractor books together! Makes me want time to stand still sometimes, they grow up so fast!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finally the Toothfairy can come.....

     Well we have been threatening Tristan about this tooth for months now, he had a visit to the dentist next week, BUT he finally pulled it at school today!! Yes, he had not lost one of his front teeth till now, so now we can have two big bunny teeth!! You see Tristan didn't even get a tooth till he was 14mths old!! So needless to say he has been a little slower about losing his teeth. So tonight the "expensive" toothfairy will come!

     I hope everyone is keeping warm tonight, I feel blessed to have a warm fire, a warm house, and a hot pot of chili on! Everyone keep warm and I pray we don't get a bunch of ice!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Secretary and Her Assistant...

       Just a quick post to say I'm drowning in tax info.... I hate this time of year!! For those of you who don't know we own a small business, and I am the lucky little secretary! Which means I get to go through piles of paperwork to sort and figure, fun stuff! I might be more excited if I thought I was going to get a big fat refund, but I will say probably not, even with a weak economy. But I just pray I break even, the beach is calling my name this year!!! The kids have been begging to go forever, so hopefully this will be our year! So I will get back to my taxes, and hopefully be back shortly with something a little more exciting to write about! Hope your all having a good week!!

This is my assistant ready to go outside. (Don't mind the pink, that is what happens when you have an older sister!)

He is so happy to be at work, he even gets to wear his pjs!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Please Pray.....

       Please Pray for little Emily Williams. She has pneumonia with a temp that keeps coming back up, she has been at St. Edwards since Friday morning, and they are going to transfer her to Arkansas Children's Hospital tonight or tomorrow morning. Just pray for a safe trip to Little Rock and for a healthy child. Thanks!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Day...

        We had a good weekend here at the Goodwin house. We had a game night at the Carter house, which me and Stacy finally won a game!! Yea! Thanks for dinner Stacy it was great! On Saturday we had breakfast with my parents then went to my neice Kylie's basketball game out at the Boys and Girls club, she will be quite the little basketball player, she has some fire in her!! Good job Kylie! Then we went to Tristan's game, they lost again, but he got several rebounds, they are getting a little better. Saturday night we had dinner with my brother and Angela, my parents, and some other friends at Gringo's. After dinner I went up to see little E. Williams in the hospital, pray for her please, she has pneumonia and a fever that keeps lingering. Then today we went to a new life group at church and the new Edge service, both were really great! We had dinner at my in-law's, which is always good, and now we are sitting down to watch a little football with some pizza! All in all it was a really good weekend!! Hope you all have a blessed week!!

James and Stacy-aka The hostess!

Eric and I

"Pooper" as Easton calls him, playing dress up! These two are so darn cute, so glad they are becoming such good little friends!

Easton, Cooper, and Madison glued to the tv.

Playing with stamps, which would later make Easton have green knees!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun Day!!

      What a fun day today I had with my sidekick Stacy! First our day was changed because of illness at the Drennan house, we had planned to go to a Southern Living party at Sharon's house, but it got cancelled. Hope everyone is feeling better at your house Sherry! Then we had planned on having lunch with some sweet friends of ours, but do to busy schedules and sick kids that was a scratch too. So since we didn't want to go home to our "clean" houses, ha, we decided to take a road trip to Booneville to shop their local shops. We started at a little shop called Jacque's, so cute, we made our first purchases of the day there, necklaces for both of us, two for me, which for those who know me, know that is not a shocker!! Then we went to "The Gathering Place", such a neat store. Mrs. Hobbs has brought this little jewel to our attention! Then we walked around the corner to the Booneville Flower Shop, which had some really cute things too, they had a brown and creme zebra quilt that was to die for if your in the market for something new for your bedroom. Next, we headed to the local mexican restuarant, which was very good too!!

Stacy at "The Gathering Place" - sporting her really cute new necklace


One of my really cute new necklaces.

Cute tablescape

       After all that we returned to the big town of Greenwood, for a little more local shopping, support our locals!! We hit the two antique stores, (danced a little), Monograms and More for some bling baseball mom shirts, it's never too early ladies, then to Java House for an oreo smoothie for me, german chocolate cake for Stacy, all good! Then off to Serendipity (spell??), then to The Nest. I know Tonia has posted about her too, but this little girl has worked her little booty off in this store! If you need a little gift that is unique, then this is the store. Her little pillows out on her porch our outdoor material and very cute!! She also has some boutique clothing and shoes now too. Stacy and I left sporting some really cute scarves on our purses!! Sometimes days that aren't planned are the best! Thanks Stacy for a Great Day! We missed all you other girls too, can't wait to do it again!!

You would have thought we had 5 people in the car, but these are all ours!!

Cute scarves from "The Nest"

Cute apron

Really cute dress, but too small for Madi Bell
Hope you enjoy the pics we had fun!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cut or No Cut???

        I have a sweet little girl at my house that wants to cut her hair. We have cut it off before and it is cute, but why is it we as mothers find it so hard to cut little girls hair??? She was not blessed with thick hair as myself, sometimes I think it is not a blessing though, the curliness and all, but as I have aged, I am better at fighting it! I always thought one of my kids would have curly hair, but notta one of them has! I curl her hair every morning, and one side curls really good, and the other not so much. It does look pretty when it is all curled and a bow in it. It even looks really pretty when we blow dry it out all shiney and straight, but after awhile, it looks stringy. So what's a mom to do?? I am posting pics of this sweet little girl, so comments will be welcomed! We have a hair appt. next week, just don't know how drastic we will go!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Comes to an End.

        Well the weekend is almost gone, but it's been a good one! Nothing exciting to write about, it was just a nice relaxing one for the most part. We played a little Upward basketball, which we lost, but Tristan did have 5 rebounds! He is getting a little better with the whole concept of the game, this is only our second year to play. We had dinner last night at Gregory's, prime rib and butterfinger pie, excellent as always, it is such a nice little place to eat. Today we went to church and Eric and I worked in the church nursery with Stacy. We had a wild bunch today, could have been because there were so many of them, 9 which doesn't seem like very many when there are three adults, but when all of them want to be held or need something, whoa!! But we really enjoy working in the nursery, you can get attached to the kids very fast! After church we went to my mom's for lunch for my grandpa's 78th birthday! I love my grandparents dearly, and I hope he had a great day! I hope I can get around as well as he can when I am that age! I am now off to sit on the couch with the kids and watch some tv!! I pray you all have a great week ahead!! Make the most of it!

The Birthday Boy-aka Papa George and Grandma- love them!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night Fun!!

       Well it's Friday night!! We are having a good ol' lazy night tonight. We went to Geno's for dinner, then to grocery store to pick up some molten cake and ice cream for later, and now it's off to lay on the couch and watch some tv. I don't really get to do that much, so it will be much appreciated! I have been working on a little project today, I am posting two little sneak peeks! It's our master bedroom, and it is a work in progress. The color is still growing on me, it is really nothing like the rest of my house, but I wanted it to be soothing.
Anyways I found these 4 mirrors at Kirkland's on clearance before Christmas for $6 a mirror, which is really a pretty good deal. They are nice thick mirrors. I really would have loved to have bought mirrors from Ballard's Designs, but not in my budget!! But I think these are working for me so far!
       Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Those sweet little hands are Madi's and Tristan's in the pic, love it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Try Again...

     Well I will try this again, since my little sweet 2 year old just erased my post I was writing by turning the computer off!! Oh what fun they are during this time!

     Ok, now I'll start over. We have been busy here at our house getting back into the routine of things, it usually takes a week to get back into the swing of things! We have started Upwards basketball this past week which we lost, but Tristan did come home with a gold star for his good sportsmanship he showed at the game, so good job Tristan, he really is sweet little boy!! We have finally gotten all of the Christmas decorations put away and are ready to start some new projects here at the house. For the people who don't know us, we purchased a 26 year old ranch style house to remodel, which may have been a stupid idea, now that we are doing it!! Oh well!! We have built several houses, but never a remodel. I have always wanted to try this, so now here we are. I can walk into something and imagine what it will look like, I just hope it turns out like I imagined it! Ha!!

      This is one of the projects we are doing right now, we are changing out light fixtures, and I need some opinions on which one you like better??? I hope that I can load these pics right, so bare with me on the pics!!

     We are also starting a bathroom remodel and kitchen remodel!! Whoo Hoo!! I am so excited about the kitchen remodel, because that is the room in the house that dates the house so bad. And for the ones who know me well, know I Just LOVE to cook!! Ha!! BUT it will be pretty when it's done!!

Talk to you soon!! Thanks for reading!!

This is before pic

This is new fixture.

This is with shades???
Which do you like best?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My First Attempt At Blogging! Whoo Hoo!!

Welcome to my new blog!! I have wanted to attempt this for some time now, so here I go!! My plan is to write about my life, my kids, my husband, and my personal past time passion, decorating!! This is really just a test post to see if I am doing this all right??? There is so much you can do with these blogs, it's a bit overwelming! So check back in for future updates on this Mom 2 Three!!!