Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun Day!!

      What a fun day today I had with my sidekick Stacy! First our day was changed because of illness at the Drennan house, we had planned to go to a Southern Living party at Sharon's house, but it got cancelled. Hope everyone is feeling better at your house Sherry! Then we had planned on having lunch with some sweet friends of ours, but do to busy schedules and sick kids that was a scratch too. So since we didn't want to go home to our "clean" houses, ha, we decided to take a road trip to Booneville to shop their local shops. We started at a little shop called Jacque's, so cute, we made our first purchases of the day there, necklaces for both of us, two for me, which for those who know me, know that is not a shocker!! Then we went to "The Gathering Place", such a neat store. Mrs. Hobbs has brought this little jewel to our attention! Then we walked around the corner to the Booneville Flower Shop, which had some really cute things too, they had a brown and creme zebra quilt that was to die for if your in the market for something new for your bedroom. Next, we headed to the local mexican restuarant, which was very good too!!

Stacy at "The Gathering Place" - sporting her really cute new necklace


One of my really cute new necklaces.

Cute tablescape

       After all that we returned to the big town of Greenwood, for a little more local shopping, support our locals!! We hit the two antique stores, (danced a little), Monograms and More for some bling baseball mom shirts, it's never too early ladies, then to Java House for an oreo smoothie for me, german chocolate cake for Stacy, all good! Then off to Serendipity (spell??), then to The Nest. I know Tonia has posted about her too, but this little girl has worked her little booty off in this store! If you need a little gift that is unique, then this is the store. Her little pillows out on her porch our outdoor material and very cute!! She also has some boutique clothing and shoes now too. Stacy and I left sporting some really cute scarves on our purses!! Sometimes days that aren't planned are the best! Thanks Stacy for a Great Day! We missed all you other girls too, can't wait to do it again!!

You would have thought we had 5 people in the car, but these are all ours!!

Cute scarves from "The Nest"

Cute apron

Really cute dress, but too small for Madi Bell
Hope you enjoy the pics we had fun!!


  1. What a great day! Let's all get together and do that in a few months. Before school gets out for sure. We are finally back in the land of the living. Bad day at the drennans!

  2. My favorite part was dancing at the antique store! Fun Day!!!!

  3. Fun, fun, fun! I get all warm and fuzzy just reading this post! You guys had what I call a "Perfect Day". . .

    I am telling ya' The Nest is a shocker. . . dont judge a book by its cover. . I'm just sayin'.