Thursday, January 14, 2010

Try Again...

     Well I will try this again, since my little sweet 2 year old just erased my post I was writing by turning the computer off!! Oh what fun they are during this time!

     Ok, now I'll start over. We have been busy here at our house getting back into the routine of things, it usually takes a week to get back into the swing of things! We have started Upwards basketball this past week which we lost, but Tristan did come home with a gold star for his good sportsmanship he showed at the game, so good job Tristan, he really is sweet little boy!! We have finally gotten all of the Christmas decorations put away and are ready to start some new projects here at the house. For the people who don't know us, we purchased a 26 year old ranch style house to remodel, which may have been a stupid idea, now that we are doing it!! Oh well!! We have built several houses, but never a remodel. I have always wanted to try this, so now here we are. I can walk into something and imagine what it will look like, I just hope it turns out like I imagined it! Ha!!

      This is one of the projects we are doing right now, we are changing out light fixtures, and I need some opinions on which one you like better??? I hope that I can load these pics right, so bare with me on the pics!!

     We are also starting a bathroom remodel and kitchen remodel!! Whoo Hoo!! I am so excited about the kitchen remodel, because that is the room in the house that dates the house so bad. And for the ones who know me well, know I Just LOVE to cook!! Ha!! BUT it will be pretty when it's done!!

Talk to you soon!! Thanks for reading!!

This is before pic

This is new fixture.

This is with shades???
Which do you like best?


  1. I am lovin' the shades!! Looks really good!

  2. I vote yes on the shades too. So glad you finally got your blog working!

  3. I do like the shades! I am anxious to see more pictures!