Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Day...

        We had a good weekend here at the Goodwin house. We had a game night at the Carter house, which me and Stacy finally won a game!! Yea! Thanks for dinner Stacy it was great! On Saturday we had breakfast with my parents then went to my neice Kylie's basketball game out at the Boys and Girls club, she will be quite the little basketball player, she has some fire in her!! Good job Kylie! Then we went to Tristan's game, they lost again, but he got several rebounds, they are getting a little better. Saturday night we had dinner with my brother and Angela, my parents, and some other friends at Gringo's. After dinner I went up to see little E. Williams in the hospital, pray for her please, she has pneumonia and a fever that keeps lingering. Then today we went to a new life group at church and the new Edge service, both were really great! We had dinner at my in-law's, which is always good, and now we are sitting down to watch a little football with some pizza! All in all it was a really good weekend!! Hope you all have a blessed week!!

James and Stacy-aka The hostess!

Eric and I

"Pooper" as Easton calls him, playing dress up! These two are so darn cute, so glad they are becoming such good little friends!

Easton, Cooper, and Madison glued to the tv.

Playing with stamps, which would later make Easton have green knees!


  1. Cute pictures! I bet you guys have fun together. It was so sweet this morning when Pooper seen Easton. He had the sweetest smile.

    I am thrilled you loved the Edge Service and Life Group. Which one did you guys go to?

    Have a good week. Maybe we can all get together.

    I sure hope Em feels better soon too.

  2. Thank you for coming to Kylie's game Saturday--she really enjoyed having everyone there cheering her on!

  3. Missed seeing you guys! We were literally in and out today....

    I so hope Em has had a better day! Just makes me so sad....

  4. Someone has a birthday this week, MW! So if little Em is feeling better we need to take her to lunch!!

  5. I wish I would have been in life group this week. I hope you and Eric enjoyed it. I am glad you all had a good weekend. I love the picture of the boys dressed up! Too funny!