Wednesday, August 8, 2012

40 Years for My Parents

My parents celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary on July 1, 2012.
We surprised them at Beef O' Brady's...
My mom & dad...
They are a wonderful example to what a marriage is....and what it takes to make it 40 years!!!
I love them both so much!!!
They are such a blessing to me and my family....

This is their best friends...
JD & Pam

My Aunt Judy & Uncle Marty (my mom's sister)

Joe and Sandy -my in-laws

A red velvet cake-so, so, so good!!!

My little Coop-you can see on his face how hard he was trying to be good!

My them so much!!!!
(my mom's parent's)

Madi Bell and Kylie

Aunt Judy, Nita, and Grandma Nita

We had a great time celebrating with them!!!
Here's to the next 40!!!!

Cooper's 1st Year of Tee Ball

   This was Cooper's first year for tee ball, he has waited patiently for his turn at sports and now it was time!!! And he loved it!!! This year Tristan decided not to play baseball for the first time since he played tee ball... :( But Coop stepped in to fill the void for us!! Here is some pics from his 1st year....
Up to bat...

Hitting the ball...

Made it on to first base!!!

Pat on the head from dad...

This pic got mixed up, but prayer circle before the game....

On deck...

Most of my good pics were of batting because that is what is fun!!! He did have some serious conversations with Easton in the out field though, not sure if I got any pics of that....

My little Coop did great for his first year! I will post more pics of his party later.

Summer of Softball

   For the first couple of week's of summer we were busy with softball & baseball, which I love both!!! Madi Bell decided to play softball this year and she loved it!!! Here are some pics of her playing.
She played short stop and she did awesome for her 1st year at it!!

She was really good at staying focused.

Up to bat, wearing #12 just like her brothers...

On first, she really improved on her hitting.

Miss...but she later hit it!!!

She even tried her hand at catcher, but she wasn't to fond of it!!!

Madison Bell Goodwin
Age 7
First Grade
First Year of Softball 2012
Team Cheetah's

We can't wait till next year....this momma might even try my hand at coaching.... :)

Back To Blogging....

    I just keep getting worse about this blogging thing and I don't want to, because for memory's sake and because I love to read everyone else's!!! I don't know where the summer has gone?!?! We have been taking it easy this week, but the past couple of week's were busy! I will see if I can get caught up on everything!!! So here goes!!!