Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

     Happy Easter to everyone!!!! I hope that everyone had a great day and celebrated Jesus!!!! We were busy, busy all day long...
Me and my kids before church.

Eric and the kids.

Madison, Tristan, and Cooper (with his lego he got in his Easter basket)!

Funny Face Shot

Tristan- 11

Madison- 7

Cooper- 4
These pics seem a little fuzzy on here, oh well!!!

We had a wonderful day, even though it was a little chilly, but what do you expect, it's Easter!!!
We went to church, Easter Egg hunt, lunch at my mom's, Easter egg hunt, another Easter egg hunt at Aunt Sheila's and dinner!! We were busy all day, but we enjoyed celebrating that "Jesus Is Alive"!!!
Happy Easter Everyone!!!


    Back in March I turned 35! I had a wonderful birthday celebrated with family and friends. My parents took me to Olive Garden for dinner, my friends took me to lunch at La Fiesta, and my mother-in-law made me dinner, lots of eating going on!!!
This is what I wanted, Red Velvet cupcakes from Simply Sweets...I got them twice!!! :)

Me with my cupcake @ 35!!! :))

Madi Bell and I , she got me nail polish that she picked out herself and made me a special card!!  Love her!!!

I had a great day thanks to all my family and friends!!!