Friday, February 26, 2010

What do you collect???

   Ok I was reading Kelly's Korner's post about "What do you Collect?", and thought I would post what I collect for my two readers! I am sure I "collect" a lot of things, a matter of fact I know I do, but I have my favorite's. For my friends that know me so well, this is no surprise, they have probably already figured out what it is! First one of my favorite things, is lamps! Love them, don't think you can have too many of them, and they can go in every room in your house, everyone looks better by lamp light! I am not sure what the count is right now, because I have added several new ones just since we purchased this house, But my lovely best friends husband, Mr. Carter, decided he would count them one day during one of our moves, and I think it was 32 at that time!! I know, too many, but not enough! I know I have purchased two sets of twins, and a few smaller ones in the last 9 months. It's crazy I know! I will now parade them for you....
These are just a few that have not found homes in my home yet, but will if I make it through this remodel!
This is one I have purchased recently, I actually seen it on someone else's blog and loved it!
Ignore the dust on these, we are hanging some sheet rock in the kitchen.

This is one that is part of a set, they are beautiful, but they are very tall and I am still waiting for a home for them, right now they are just renting this spot.
This one goes way back with me, have had it for years.
These are a pair of twins that were from Kirkland's many moons ago, and have had many shades on them
This one is one of my favorite little ones.
These are some that have found their home on the laundry room shelf, which will probably make an appearance at a garage sale this summer!! There are many more lamps around this house, in every room, but since I am not ready to show those rooms yet, these will do. So thanks for letting me shine a little light on my "collections".
I was going to show another collection of mine, another love of mine I should say, but then we would have too many pics! But I will show you a small sample of it:
Picture Frames=Love. Another post though on another day.

The End of The Week...

      Do you ever feel like you didn't get anything accomplished in a week? That's the way I feel this week, where did it go?? I mean I am glad it's Friday, I think the best day of the week, just knowing tomorrow is Saturday. I had big plans to start my week off, I was going to exercise atleast 3 times this week, finish the bathroom, have lunch with a friend, and possibly finish my room. Well I exercised Monday, the bathroom is still not painted all the way, which means nothing else has been done to it, I didn't get to have lunch with my friend at all this week, she did make an appearance at my house to see my not so progress on my bathroom! And the master bedroom, well it may never get finished, not feeling it so far, that's another post with needed opinions on some stuff. All of this week hit a fork in the road when little Miss Madi got the stomach bug, not fun, but luckily she had a mild case compared to some other kids in her class. It's just funny how our weeks can get totally turned around. I mean Madi was only sick one night really, but it was like I lost my mojo after that. You know what I mean, you hit the week running planning on getting so much done and boom it's the end of the week, and your still at the same place you were on Monday! Oh well, here's to the weekend and starting a new week next week! The projects will all still be waiting for me on Monday... Hope you all have a great weekend!!
Sweet little Madi, she did get the good end of the deal with this whole sickness thing, she got her nails done yesterday with mommy, and we went to TJ Maxx to look around and came home with a "Dancing With The Stars" dress and shoes as we like to call it! Pics coming soon to a blog near you...

Monday, February 22, 2010


     Good Evening! This will be a short post. I noticed today that this is the last week of February, which means March, meaning Spring is approaching fast... We booked a beach house last week, which means I have 4 months to get ready for a swimsuit, which= Yikes!!!!! My problem I like to snack, junk food junkie, little debbie queen!!! Which in turn will not look good in a swimsuit, see below pic!
Nothing better then fundge round cleavage and zebra cake muffins hanging out of your swimsuit!! And really I would love to wear a pair of shorts this summer. It's been atleast 5 yrs since I wore shorts out in public, well I take that back, when I was preggers with Cooper, I had a slip in my judgement one day at the ballfields, bad, bad, idea!! I HATE to exercise, I know most of you do, I hate it bad, makes me tired just thinking about it. But I have got to try or that pic above is going to be a reality.

Oh, and my husband informed me that he bought 5 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, funny so did I!! I wonder what Thin Mints would look like in that swimsuit???

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Update

     Happy weekend to everyone!! Hope it's been a good for you all. We have been busy, Madi, Coop, and I went to a pagent Saturday morning Kylie was in along with several other little girls from around here. They all did so good and looked so pretty, a few looked so grown up in their little pagent dresses and make-up. Kylie did great, she even came home with the crown!! Good job Kylie!
     After the pagent we went home to meet my parents, so that Eric and I could go out with my brother and his wife Angela for an early birthday dinner and movie. We decided to drive up the "hill" and went to Red Robin to have dinner, Kyle's choice, and it was good as usual. Then we went to the mall, which totally amazes me at how it is so much busier then the mall here! After shopping we decided to see a movie, "The Book of Eli", very good movie, but different. So we enjoyed our kid free night and enjoyed spending time with Kyle and Ang, always have good laughs with them!!

Red Robin
Angela and Kyle- I have begged him to cut that thing off his chin!!
     Today Eric and I worked the nursery at church, then had a great lunch at my MIL. She is really the best cook! Then it was home with the kids and I got in a little alone time shopping at Wal-Mart! Isn't it funny how that is alone time now! All in all we had a great weekend! And we look forward to a great week! Hope you all have a blessed week!
Madison enjoying some play time after the rain.
Coop and Tristan riding around in the ole silverado, if you can tell Tristan has a black eye from falling off some playground equipment at school.
He is just like his father!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Finds for the Day...

       Good Evening!! Hope everyone is having a good week so far! Today I got out for awhile while Coop was at MDO. I got to enjoy lunch with Stacy, Tonia, and Mandi at La Fiesta, which was good. Where were Sharon, Katie, and Erin today, we missed you at La Fiesta! I so enjoy lunch with everyone, but we missed little Mrs. Shannon!! After lunch me and Stacy hit the local shops for a little shopping, we hit the antique store's, Health Depot, The Nest, Lisa B's, it was fun. Now we are off for a little basketball this evening. And here are some of the finds I have gotten lately.
Feather Wreath from Lisa B's, it was $6.00, regular $27, I have always liked them, so I couldn't pass up that bargain!
I got this at Health Depot, I just love the color of it, looks like spring!
I got this at Kirkland's this weekend, it just looked fun and it is going to find a home in my next project I think!
Speaking of our next project, here is a sneak peek!! It's a beauty, hanging ball lights and all!! If u can see the wallpaper in the mirror too, it's real nice, grapes, in the bathroom???

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    I hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day! Eric and I have never really made a big to do about Valentine's Day, but the kids really do enjoy all the cards, candy, and teddy bears. We did have a great day though, wonderful message at church about marriage, lunch with all my valentine's at Chili's, and a quiet evening at home watching tv, eating all that candy!!! I hope you all take time to tell each one of your little and big Valentine's you love them tonight and cuddle up with them! I hope you all have a blessed week ahead!
Just a few of the wonderful cards we received today.
This is from Tristan, he's been a real sweetie lately. He's had a big day today, more on that later.
Candy, sweet candy.  I love these sweethearts!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Silhouette's and a little demo...

         This was a gift last year from my mother-in-law for my birthday. At first I was skeptical, but now I think they are growing on me. I thought it was too old fashioned, like the ones you used to see in the circle frames. They are just perfect of what they looked like last year, it was really amazing to watch him make them. I finally framed them and I am now looking for the right place for them to hang. I really wanted them on one of my shelves in my office, but the frame wouldn't work. Anyways, I think I am loving it now framed and will cherish it always. So thanks mom-in-law!!
Even their little noses are perfect replicas.

And here is a sneak peek at what my hubby has been doing since he's had so many "snow" days lately!!
He really is enjoying the demo part of this house!
I think he thinks he is "Holmes on Homes" now, notice the knee pads is sportin'!! Keep watching for the finished project!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


     Aren't kids just the sweetest when they are asleep??? This little guy wore out early tonight on the couch, he kept telling me he wanted to go nite-nite, but it was too early, so he went to sleep on the couch. He went to "skoool" today as he says, which he loves! I ask him if he wants to go and he tells me "Eato" (aka Easton). So cute!! I just love this age!

Pooper and Eato- Best Buds

     I want to send out a Happy Birthday to Jenn today!! I hope you enjoyed your day! Wish we could have all been there to have cake balls and lunch with you!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Office Nook...4th Bedroom

       I have been working on some projects around the house, and I think I am mostly happy with they way they have turned out. Some changes here and there probably, but for now I think I will move on to something else. When we moved into this house it had a huge dining room, and it was only a 3 bedroom house, and with three kids we decided to make it a four bedroom and get rid of the dining room. It was a big project tearing down walls and building walls, but all in all it looks great now!! We not only built a 4th bedroom but an office nook for myself and a place to hang backpacks and coats, best thing a person can have in their house with kids!!!
This is looking into the formal dining room with a beautiful half wall and closet!! Ha!
Now this is where the half wall was, the wall was moved out and the closet was moved to the other side for my office.
The closet, now where my desk sets in the office.
The dining room window.
Now Tristan's window in his bedroom.
We added two closets on both sides of the bed, and the bed fits perfect in the cubby hole.
This is where the half wall was (where the bench is now). Now my office.
This lovely bookcase was in our living room built in.
And now it is painted and in my office!! Looks much better in here!!
These shelves were made by my dad when Tristan was a baby for his nursery, now they are getting a new purpose in my office.
Close up of the bookshelf, I love stuff!!
I have more plans for this little area, but it will consist of some building, so for now it's good. Too bad it really doesn't look like this!! Three kids later and you really can't see the wall!

It was a 2 post day so look back!!!

Fleur de fleur....and a Date Night!!!

         Shout out to the Saints!!! What a game!! I was going for the underdog, I'm sorry all you Colts fans. We had our parents over for the superbowl for a small gathering and lots of good ol' football food! I hope everyone enjoyed the game!

         It's been awhile since I made a post, so let's see what we have been doing!! The taxes are all done and sent off to the tax lady, which was a weight lifted off my chest!! Now on to the fun stuff! We had parent teacher conferences last week and Tristan had straight A's, so good job Tristan!! Eric and I had a date night last Friday night, we had big plans for the evening, big plans, we were going to eat and go look at tiolets at Lowe's!!!! Whoo Hoo!! Anyways we started our evening at Red Lobster for a table for two, ahhh, I had steak and shrimp and it was great as usual. Then we saw Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs come strolling by, by themselves, so when we finished our meal, we decided to stop by their table and say "hi", well, they were sitting at a two person booth and asked us to sit for a minute while they waited on their food, ended up us four sat in that two person booth the entire time they ate!! The waitress thought we were crazy! Sorry Tonia, but we enjoyed talking with you all very much!! Mrs. Hobbs then talked us into joining them for a movie, Dear John, so we decided that sounded better then looking at tiolets. We set out to meet them at the Malco only to have her call and say it was sold out, so we all speeded over to the Carmike where they had 15 tickets left, we got to the movie and they had two tickets left!!! They actually had 10, but they can't sell them??? Anyways, Eric and  I decided to leave, we were in the car driving away when Brad comes running beating on our door... Tonia had cried to the manager and he sold them two more tickets!!! Good Job Tonia!! They ended up opening another theatre. And it was just the best little love story, you should see it if you get a chance! We enjoyed the movie and "dinner" with you Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs!!

Date night with this him!
This pic was taken at Christmas, I forgot to take my camera!

       I want to ask everyone to continue to pray for the family of Roger Davis, this will be a long road for them, he was so loved and he will be missed by them greatly.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Please Pray....

    Please Pray for the Davis family, the Carter family, and the Perryman family today....