Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Finds for the Day...

       Good Evening!! Hope everyone is having a good week so far! Today I got out for awhile while Coop was at MDO. I got to enjoy lunch with Stacy, Tonia, and Mandi at La Fiesta, which was good. Where were Sharon, Katie, and Erin today, we missed you at La Fiesta! I so enjoy lunch with everyone, but we missed little Mrs. Shannon!! After lunch me and Stacy hit the local shops for a little shopping, we hit the antique store's, Health Depot, The Nest, Lisa B's, it was fun. Now we are off for a little basketball this evening. And here are some of the finds I have gotten lately.
Feather Wreath from Lisa B's, it was $6.00, regular $27, I have always liked them, so I couldn't pass up that bargain!
I got this at Health Depot, I just love the color of it, looks like spring!
I got this at Kirkland's this weekend, it just looked fun and it is going to find a home in my next project I think!
Speaking of our next project, here is a sneak peek!! It's a beauty, hanging ball lights and all!! If u can see the wallpaper in the mirror too, it's real nice, grapes, in the bathroom???


  1. I lauged out loud when I read this! Simply because Erin and I were at La Fiesta.... just later than normal! :) Katie had too much to do in Fort Smith so she couldn't join us. Histarical that you "asked where we were!" Good times on MDO days!

  2. I see Sharon beat me to it! Yep, we were there. It would be embarressing, but since you guys were there too it's just funny!!

  3. I can't believe what you have done with your house!! You need to post before and after of each room. Are you going to flip and sell it or enjoy living in it? How fun, I don't know if I could do it. I would have to much stress thinking about it. I want everything done right away. I think it would fun that is for sure. I am not patient though, but it looks like you have progressed at a fast pace.