Friday, February 26, 2010

What do you collect???

   Ok I was reading Kelly's Korner's post about "What do you Collect?", and thought I would post what I collect for my two readers! I am sure I "collect" a lot of things, a matter of fact I know I do, but I have my favorite's. For my friends that know me so well, this is no surprise, they have probably already figured out what it is! First one of my favorite things, is lamps! Love them, don't think you can have too many of them, and they can go in every room in your house, everyone looks better by lamp light! I am not sure what the count is right now, because I have added several new ones just since we purchased this house, But my lovely best friends husband, Mr. Carter, decided he would count them one day during one of our moves, and I think it was 32 at that time!! I know, too many, but not enough! I know I have purchased two sets of twins, and a few smaller ones in the last 9 months. It's crazy I know! I will now parade them for you....
These are just a few that have not found homes in my home yet, but will if I make it through this remodel!
This is one I have purchased recently, I actually seen it on someone else's blog and loved it!
Ignore the dust on these, we are hanging some sheet rock in the kitchen.

This is one that is part of a set, they are beautiful, but they are very tall and I am still waiting for a home for them, right now they are just renting this spot.
This one goes way back with me, have had it for years.
These are a pair of twins that were from Kirkland's many moons ago, and have had many shades on them
This one is one of my favorite little ones.
These are some that have found their home on the laundry room shelf, which will probably make an appearance at a garage sale this summer!! There are many more lamps around this house, in every room, but since I am not ready to show those rooms yet, these will do. So thanks for letting me shine a little light on my "collections".
I was going to show another collection of mine, another love of mine I should say, but then we would have too many pics! But I will show you a small sample of it:
Picture Frames=Love. Another post though on another day.


  1. Love the collection! Be sure and post before your garage sale. Maybe even have a blogger preview party??

  2. I have a small problem with Lamps also,topiaries, urns, and picture frames..Yep I am a sucker for some things that is for sure.I love Kirklands! So cheap and cute.