Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Update

     Happy weekend to everyone!! Hope it's been a good for you all. We have been busy, Madi, Coop, and I went to a pagent Saturday morning Kylie was in along with several other little girls from around here. They all did so good and looked so pretty, a few looked so grown up in their little pagent dresses and make-up. Kylie did great, she even came home with the crown!! Good job Kylie!
     After the pagent we went home to meet my parents, so that Eric and I could go out with my brother and his wife Angela for an early birthday dinner and movie. We decided to drive up the "hill" and went to Red Robin to have dinner, Kyle's choice, and it was good as usual. Then we went to the mall, which totally amazes me at how it is so much busier then the mall here! After shopping we decided to see a movie, "The Book of Eli", very good movie, but different. So we enjoyed our kid free night and enjoyed spending time with Kyle and Ang, always have good laughs with them!!

Red Robin
Angela and Kyle- I have begged him to cut that thing off his chin!!
     Today Eric and I worked the nursery at church, then had a great lunch at my MIL. She is really the best cook! Then it was home with the kids and I got in a little alone time shopping at Wal-Mart! Isn't it funny how that is alone time now! All in all we had a great weekend! And we look forward to a great week! Hope you all have a blessed week!
Madison enjoying some play time after the rain.
Coop and Tristan riding around in the ole silverado, if you can tell Tristan has a black eye from falling off some playground equipment at school.
He is just like his father!


  1. Thank you to you and Eric for being such a blessing to FBC Nursery! You both are so great with the kids! Glad you had a good weekend. Lets go to Red Robin together soon!

  2. Kylie says thank you very much Aunt Heather! She had a blast and was glad that everyone made it out to watch her!