Monday, February 8, 2010

My Office Nook...4th Bedroom

       I have been working on some projects around the house, and I think I am mostly happy with they way they have turned out. Some changes here and there probably, but for now I think I will move on to something else. When we moved into this house it had a huge dining room, and it was only a 3 bedroom house, and with three kids we decided to make it a four bedroom and get rid of the dining room. It was a big project tearing down walls and building walls, but all in all it looks great now!! We not only built a 4th bedroom but an office nook for myself and a place to hang backpacks and coats, best thing a person can have in their house with kids!!!
This is looking into the formal dining room with a beautiful half wall and closet!! Ha!
Now this is where the half wall was, the wall was moved out and the closet was moved to the other side for my office.
The closet, now where my desk sets in the office.
The dining room window.
Now Tristan's window in his bedroom.
We added two closets on both sides of the bed, and the bed fits perfect in the cubby hole.
This is where the half wall was (where the bench is now). Now my office.
This lovely bookcase was in our living room built in.
And now it is painted and in my office!! Looks much better in here!!
These shelves were made by my dad when Tristan was a baby for his nursery, now they are getting a new purpose in my office.
Close up of the bookshelf, I love stuff!!
I have more plans for this little area, but it will consist of some building, so for now it's good. Too bad it really doesn't look like this!! Three kids later and you really can't see the wall!

It was a 2 post day so look back!!!


  1. Wow! You are sooo talented! I wanna come see your house! Beautiful! I need help!!

  2. Great! Your house is going to get me started again. How in the world can it always be so beautiful!?!? Seriously......absolutely perfect.

  3. Picture Perfect! It looks so pretty!

  4. I found your blog off of Stacys. You are really talented. I love how you said, "I love stuff" There is a lady at my church that could be your twin. That is so werid when you see someone that looks so much like someone else. Have a great day.

  5. Heather, that looks absolutely amazing...great job! I remember that house from high school and what you've done has taken YEARS off of it! I am very impressed!