Monday, February 8, 2010

Fleur de fleur....and a Date Night!!!

         Shout out to the Saints!!! What a game!! I was going for the underdog, I'm sorry all you Colts fans. We had our parents over for the superbowl for a small gathering and lots of good ol' football food! I hope everyone enjoyed the game!

         It's been awhile since I made a post, so let's see what we have been doing!! The taxes are all done and sent off to the tax lady, which was a weight lifted off my chest!! Now on to the fun stuff! We had parent teacher conferences last week and Tristan had straight A's, so good job Tristan!! Eric and I had a date night last Friday night, we had big plans for the evening, big plans, we were going to eat and go look at tiolets at Lowe's!!!! Whoo Hoo!! Anyways we started our evening at Red Lobster for a table for two, ahhh, I had steak and shrimp and it was great as usual. Then we saw Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs come strolling by, by themselves, so when we finished our meal, we decided to stop by their table and say "hi", well, they were sitting at a two person booth and asked us to sit for a minute while they waited on their food, ended up us four sat in that two person booth the entire time they ate!! The waitress thought we were crazy! Sorry Tonia, but we enjoyed talking with you all very much!! Mrs. Hobbs then talked us into joining them for a movie, Dear John, so we decided that sounded better then looking at tiolets. We set out to meet them at the Malco only to have her call and say it was sold out, so we all speeded over to the Carmike where they had 15 tickets left, we got to the movie and they had two tickets left!!! They actually had 10, but they can't sell them??? Anyways, Eric and  I decided to leave, we were in the car driving away when Brad comes running beating on our door... Tonia had cried to the manager and he sold them two more tickets!!! Good Job Tonia!! They ended up opening another theatre. And it was just the best little love story, you should see it if you get a chance! We enjoyed the movie and "dinner" with you Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs!!

Date night with this him!
This pic was taken at Christmas, I forgot to take my camera!

       I want to ask everyone to continue to pray for the family of Roger Davis, this will be a long road for them, he was so loved and he will be missed by them greatly.

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