Tuesday, February 9, 2010


     Aren't kids just the sweetest when they are asleep??? This little guy wore out early tonight on the couch, he kept telling me he wanted to go nite-nite, but it was too early, so he went to sleep on the couch. He went to "skoool" today as he says, which he loves! I ask him if he wants to go and he tells me "Eato" (aka Easton). So cute!! I just love this age!

Pooper and Eato- Best Buds

     I want to send out a Happy Birthday to Jenn today!! I hope you enjoyed your day! Wish we could have all been there to have cake balls and lunch with you!!!


  1. Iknow why he crashed early! No nap at school!

  2. I bet you three are a hoot!! I'll have to head over and tell Jenn Happy Birthday!