Monday, November 28, 2011

2011 Blue Pittbulls Football Party

      Well football has officially ended for Tristan this year. :( We love us some football at this house. It is great when your child really loves to play the game, and Tristan does, and so does Coach Eric!!!  Ha!! They had a fun season this year, didn't win as many games as they would have liked, but I am sure they learned a lot and  I know that Tristan had fun playing and that is what counts! We had the end of the season football party at the ROC a couple of weeks ago and here are some pics from it.
The cake.

The trophies

The helmet

Tristan getting his trophy. They were all too fast for me to get a good pic of any of them...

Braxton getting his trophy.

J.P. and Tristan

The "boys"

The "boys" and the coaches.

Some of them are real posers...ha!!

Collin getting his trophy...see, none of them were slow enough for me to get a pic of..

This is a great bunch of boys.

This is the only pic of these two I got, I so have to be better at this next year!!!

It was a great year and we can't wait for next year!!! In the meantime we will be cheering on our high school football team as they go to the state championship game Saturday in Little Rock!!!
Go Dogs Go!!!!

Cooper's 4th Birthday Party

      This year Cooper insisted on having his party at the Outback, so we did, and we had a great time! Here are a few pics from the party.
We did a Hog cake this year. He loves football!

The birthday boy after playing hard.

Cooper, Easton, Dace
Best Buddies

Trinnon & Coop

Arkansas Fans through and through!!! :)

Cheese smile, we are getting really good at these!!!

Weston, Tristan, Braxton, & Noah

Carson and Madi Bell

Bike helmet, so excited!!!

Sock Monkey game, we love this game!!!

The birthday boy.
Everyone had a really great time!

Happy 4th Birthday Cooper!!!

     I can't believe my little Coopster is 4!!!!! You are such a little "ham" in our world, always keeping us on our toes!!!

Cooper- 4 years old
November 6, 2011

Here you are with Papa on Rusty, you love to ride the horse!!!

You love to "cheese" it up for the camera!

Cooper, you are such a fun and amazing little boy!!! We just never know what you are going to say, which can be good and can be bad!!! Your favorite color is orange, just like Tristan's. You look up to Tristan so much, I hope that you two always have a good relationship together. You will just about eat anything, you are a eating machine!!! You Love to play outside, whether it's 115 or 30, it doesn't matter to you! You love to play equipment, just like daddy! Your best friend is Easton, you two are very, very, funny when your together, heaven help me and Stacy!!! You are such a blessing to our family!!!
We Love You!!!
Dad, Mom, Tristan, and Madi Bell

Happy 11th Birthday Tristan!!!

      Happy 11th Birthday Tristan!!! I can't believe you are 11 already?!?! Where does the time go??? This is the first year you decided not to have a "birthday party".... made me kind of sad, you are getting so big. You decided you wanted the money instead of the party!
Tristan- 11 years old
November 4, 2011

We did have a small family party with a strawberry cake from memaw per your request!

Nerf bullets from Madi and Coop.

Tristan, you are such a sweet amazing boy. You amaze me at how smart you are, although I have to push it out of you sometimes!!! You love, love, love football!!! You are a huge Green Bay Packers Fan!!! You favorite color is still orange. Your favorite food is steak. You are not really a morning person.... You love the History channel. You are very shy, just like me and your dad were. Braxton is your wingman still, he helps get you out of your shell some! :) We just love you more then you will ever know and are so very proud of the boy you are inside and out. Keep following your heart and Jesus!
We Love You!!!
Dad, Mom, Madi Bell, & Cooper

Monday, November 21, 2011

Project Started...

     There is so much I should be blogging about right now, but I seemed to be too busy to sit down for long enough to actually think about it! And amongest all of the busy time we have started a little demo here at our house! I mean why not, right??? Ha!!!
This is our project we are doing, that big ugly wall...

I hope to get back on here and update all my posts in the next day, wish me luck!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

      Halloween was Monday, so I am a little behind, but it has been a very busy week!!! So here are some pic's of our day and night!!!
Slash, Rock Star, and the Police Officer

Madi had her pose on every time... :)

Tristan- not sure why these won't load the right way???

Madi Bell

Coop- here he decided he needed glasses!!

Family Halloween Pic

My bestie and I

Shannon and I

Coop and Easton, giving his thumbs up!!!

Noah, ???, Jake Parker, Braxton, Evan, & Tristan

Cooper beside Mr. Brad's car...Coop has been obsessed with Mr. Brad ever since he came to MDO with his dog Remy. So he was nice enough to bring the car by for pics!!

Getting to sit in the car...too cool!!!

Coop and Easton- giving a thumbs up again!!! Lol!!

Easton is giving "Slash" a pat down, while Coop writes up the ticket!!! Can you tell we took tons of pics, they loved it!!!


Cooper, Officer Hobbs, and Easton
Thank You Mr. Brad for making this moment for them!!!
They loved it!!!

The Gang

More of the Gang, my camera wouldn't get them all for some reason!!!

Thanks to Maw too for the wonderful dinner and desserts!! We look forward to it every year!!!

We had a really great Halloween this year!!!