Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

    I have been patiently waiting for Spring to arrive here and it finally has!!!! Yeah!!!! Makes me super happy! I thought I would share some of my findings around the house lately....
My new garden flag I picked up at Kirkland's, love it!!!

I found these little beauties at TJ Maxx yesterday, and to my surprise, they are real!!! Not fake, real, have to be misted with water! But I still love them!! :)

The green balls and glass hurricane is some other new finds lately, the hurricane came from TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago, and the moss balls were from where else, but A to Z!!!

And, I have purchased new ferns and planted them, sad, they look so small right now, but I know they will get bigger over time!!

Same wreath, but I found the toparies at Wal Mart back around Christmas time and love them!!! It was one of them purchases I wasn't going to use at the time, but now I am so glad I bought them!!!

Then I picked up this little flag, that was to cute at Lowe's, I am thinking it will go out by the pool somewhere... :)

And last, I found hot pink tassels to tie around my lamps and I love them too!! The picture doesn't do them justice!!!

I am enjoying sprucing up around here for spring and summer!!!!
Happy Spring Decorating!!!!!

Spring Break 2012

  Well Spring Break came and went this year, but we did manage to have some fun around here, even though it rained and rained and rained!!!! We picked the kids up from school and went straight to Branson. We did a little shopping, eating, Silver Dollar City, eating, shopping, and we stayed at a new place to us called Castle Rock!!! Here are some pics from Silver Dollar City and CastleRock....
All the kids in the big chair.
Cooper, Easton, Madi Bell, Peyton, Braxton, and Tristan

Easton and Cooper having fun trying on hats.

Stacy, Easton, and Madi Bell fixing to ride the swings! I tried to get Coop to ride, but he wouldn't. :(

Easton and Coop, Madi is behind them on the frogs.

Tristan and Braxton riding Wildfire.

Me and Stacy in the big chair. Nice crayon band aid on the bottom of my flip flop!!! Ha!!!

Tristan, Braxton, and Peyton at CastleRock in the lazy river!

Easton and Cooper in the lazy river.

We came home Sunday and were wore out, but we had a great time and can't wait to go back!!! For the rest of the week, it rained most of the week...but we did manage to get some more fun in. We went to see the Lorax on Monday with some friends, Tuesday we met friends to eat at Pizza Warehouse, Thursday was grandparents day, they spent it with them, which is always fun!!! Then Friday they all had sleepover's, which called for date night!!! Then we were busy with stuff all weekend, and then boom it was over!!! :( We are ready for summer here at our house!!!

I will try to post some pics of stuff I have been doing around the house later today, if I am lucky....trying to spruce things back up for Spring!!! But if you drive by my house, yes my grass is dead, the whole yard is husband put round up on the whole thing!!! Our yard sticks out coming down the street!!! BUT, it may work to my advantage, I have been asking for sod for 3 years we will see..... :)

Have a Great Day!!!! It's Sunny and 84!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Upward Cheer

      Madi Bell got to be an Upward cheerleader this year for the first time and she LOVED it!!! She loves everything cheer! I wish I could give her a few pointers, but I was never a cheerleader, tried drill team one year and liked it, but my anxiety got the best of me.... :(  She finished up her season Saturday and she did great! We will definetly be doing it next year too I am sure! Here are a few pics from the season.
Madison Bell
Upward Cheerleader 2012
First Year to Cheer

Fixing to do their routine....

Maycie and Madi Bell

The squad after cheer practice.

It was a great season, can't wait for next year!!!
Great Job Madi Bell!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Time Fly's

     Whoa, where in the world did February go??? It was just a blurr to me. Between taxes for a business, personal, and then throw in Growing Kids Sale, which I decided to do 2 consigner numbers this year, which meant digging through the attic going through things, boo!!! I also finally got rid of my stroller and carrier, sad... :(  I have had to use a stroller for the last 11 years for the most part!!! But now I am ready for a new month, yeah!!! My house needs some major attention and spring cleaning....major.... We are also fixing to go full swing into tee ball with my Cooper!!! And Madi Bell is going to try her hand at softball!!! I loved softball, I played almost every year I was in school. This is the first year Tristan has decided to not play baseball too, I am a little sad about it, but I could tell over the last couple of years he wasn't into it any more, he LOVES football now. I also signed my little Coopster up for preschool this week for next school year!!! It's exciting, but very sad too.... So basically we have been really busy around here and I think we are going to get even more busy!! But I wouldn't trade it for anything!!! :) Bring on the warmer weather and sunshine!!!

Prayers for a few sweet friends that have had surgery and one had  a scope!!! Thinking and Praying for you both!!

Have a Great Weekend!!! :)))