Friday, March 2, 2012

Time Fly's

     Whoa, where in the world did February go??? It was just a blurr to me. Between taxes for a business, personal, and then throw in Growing Kids Sale, which I decided to do 2 consigner numbers this year, which meant digging through the attic going through things, boo!!! I also finally got rid of my stroller and carrier, sad... :(  I have had to use a stroller for the last 11 years for the most part!!! But now I am ready for a new month, yeah!!! My house needs some major attention and spring cleaning....major.... We are also fixing to go full swing into tee ball with my Cooper!!! And Madi Bell is going to try her hand at softball!!! I loved softball, I played almost every year I was in school. This is the first year Tristan has decided to not play baseball too, I am a little sad about it, but I could tell over the last couple of years he wasn't into it any more, he LOVES football now. I also signed my little Coopster up for preschool this week for next school year!!! It's exciting, but very sad too.... So basically we have been really busy around here and I think we are going to get even more busy!! But I wouldn't trade it for anything!!! :) Bring on the warmer weather and sunshine!!!

Prayers for a few sweet friends that have had surgery and one had  a scope!!! Thinking and Praying for you both!!

Have a Great Weekend!!! :)))

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