Monday, November 29, 2010

A Little Christmas Decor

      I have been dragging all the Christmas decorations out, well they have been out for about 2 weeks now...I keep fixing it, then tearing it a part...but I have managed to get a few things the way I want.
Just added some little red feather trees to the table ...

This is a glimpse of my tree...

And this is on the sofa table behind the couch...

And this is the mantle, the pic really doesn't do it justice...
It is much prettier in person. I just need to break down and get a better camera.
I need to show a before of this fireplace, we will eventually cover the ugly brick with faux stone, but until then, this is what you get.

Maybe I will finish this up before  Christmas gets here!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!!!

     Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!! This is such a great holiday to celebrate, to give "thanks" for things in our life. We are blessed to have two family's to celebrate this day with. We will go and eat way to much, we will be "thankful" for all of it, the time with family, the food, the day. We will start our meal with a prayer for our blessings and the ones who are not as blessed as we are, may He know we our "thankful".
These "little" guys are preparing for the "cold" front....I can hardly stand it....

I have worked so hard to keep them like this...

I have never ever had any this big....

This is what this one looked like when I bought it...

This is it now.
I am going to try my best to keep them alive, wish me luck!!!

I am thankful for Jesus, I have grown more this year because of him, he lives in me more then ever...
I am thankful for my husband, I have seen a side of him recently that makes me appreciate "him" more..
I am thankful for my children, they light up my life more then they know...
I am thankful for my family, I couldn't ask for better parents, grandparents...
I am thankful for a roof over our head, one I am making "our" home...
I am thankful for wonderful friends...
I am thankful.

Blessings to all!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Treats

These here are sin in a, love, love these!!! So happy to see them on the shelves, this is my second box already, not good for the waistline, but heck, I might be old enough for elastic??? Ha! :)

This was in my mailbox....good mail day as TH would say.

This is in my car, love me some Kenny Christmas tunes!

This is in my scentsy pot, umm good....close to the Aromatique smell.

And well, these deserve another close up, because they are so, so, so good!!!

I have been decorating for Christmas, two trees up, three to go, each kid gets a small tree in there room and they can't wait for me to put them up.
Hopefully, my kitchen will be presented this week.....fingers crossed, dad says he will be here to finish. I have been very patiently waiting.
I just love this time of year, everyone takes time to warm their homes with decorations, invite family and friends over, it is just such a joyous time to celebrate.
Blessings to All!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cooper's 3rd Birthday Party

We had Cooper's 3rd birthday party last weekend too. He had a Mickey Mouse themed party. He is addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It is so funny how each kid is into something different at this age.

Cooper with his Mickey ears on.

Chalkboard sign, by Papa.

Coop with his cake.

Cooper and his bestie Easton.

Trinnon, Dacen, Cooper, and Easton- 4 really cute 3 year olds!!!

Singing the birthday song, they are looking at us a little weird!

Opening some Thomas the train stuff.

He was really excited about this remote controll jeep.

And his new Mickey from his buddy Easton. He takes it to school and sleeps with it every night!
It was a great little party!
Happy 3rd Birthday Cooper!!
November 6, 2010

Tristan's 10th Birthday Party

      We combined Tristan and Petyton's birthday parties this year and I think it was a big hit! It was a Green Bay Packers against the Colt's football party. We had a lot of fun eating pizza and playing football, just what boys like to do at this age! Or at any age for the matter. Here are some pics of the party.
Here is our Packers cake.

A few of our table decorations, green and gold all the way!!

Here is the gang, yelling, they wouldn't just smile for me, oh well, they are a great bunch of boys!

Tristan with his Alma shirt, he wore it proudly last Friday.

Some legos...

A really cute Pittbull shirt with his number on it.

This was Peyton's cake.

Miss Lily sitting enjoying some cookie cake on the football field.

Football game in progress.

Miss Madi with little Miss Emily

And another shot of them yelling, some of them were trying, they were just really wound up!
It was good times, I can't believe he is 10!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Cooper!!!

     We were in Branson on Cooper's birthday, so his birthday post is a day late. Happy 3rd Birthday Cooper!!! November 6, 2010. He got to spend his 3rd birthday at Silver Dollar City, so I guess that was a pretty good present! We had a birthday party for him last weekend, I will post pics of it tomorrow.
Cooper, what can I say about you??? Oh my, what a joy you are, you make us all laugh and smile every day! I am so glad that we decided to have a 3rd child, you have added more to our lives then I thought possible. I was so happy when we knew you were a boy, that is just how I imagined our family. You are my little sidekick through the week when the kids are at school, I don't know what I will do when you have to go to school!!! I hope you have had a great 3rd birthday, you are truly a blessing to our family! We love you, Mommy, Daddy, Tristan, and Mau aka"Madi".

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Tristan!!!!

     All I can say is "oh my gosh, he's 10 already???" I can't believe that my baby boy is 10 today! Double digits!!! 6 more years till he can mind is going crazy thinking about it! Right now I am making a strawberry cake per his request this morning, he was up and ready without being told twice to get out of bed, he was excited, because it's his birthday!

    Tristan, I hope you have a wonderful 10th birthday today, you are such an amazing boy, you are kind, sweet, loyal, and smart. You are turning out to be such a good christian boy that we are so proud of! We all love you so much and hope you have a great birthday! You truly are a blessing to our family!
Love, Mom, Dad, Madison, and Cooper

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

      We had a very busy weekend with 3 birthday parties, a football game, a Halloween party, and Trick or Treating! But oh what fun it all was, but now I am zapped, may just lay around today and do nothing! Here are a few pics of the kids all dressed up this year.
Tristan, Madi, and Coop
aka. zombie, Dorthy, and Woody

Woody and his Fighter Pilot aka Easto

At Maw's house for the Halloween party

Three sweet little girls, Lily, Madi, and Corbyn

Me and Stacy

Taylor, Madi, Corbyn, and Lily

Taylor and Madi Bell

Joe and Amber

Brad and Tonia
We had a really great time with everyone, I didn't get pics of everyone, my battery went dead, I will have to steal some from the others! After we left Maw's, we went out to Forrest Hills to Trick or Treat, I have never seen so many people in my life! We had a large group ourselves, both Carter clans, the Hobbs crew, the Walker family, the Sadler crew, and the Curry family and probably some more I am forgetting! But we all had a great time!

Madi Bell's Kindergarten Fall Party

Madi Bell had a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch at the Methodist Church and then they had a picnic at Bell Park and it was great weather for it!
Madi Bell and a few of her friend's fixing to listen about how pumpkins are grown.

Fixing to play a few games at the pumpkin patch.

Mrs. Cox's class

Madi Bell, Jess, and Mary Beth, I think???

Having all their treat's.

Her little bitty pumpkin.
I think everyone had a really good time and this little girl was extra excited to get to leave with mommy after the party was over! She thought it was great not to have to go back to school. :)