Monday, November 8, 2010

Cooper's 3rd Birthday Party

We had Cooper's 3rd birthday party last weekend too. He had a Mickey Mouse themed party. He is addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It is so funny how each kid is into something different at this age.

Cooper with his Mickey ears on.

Chalkboard sign, by Papa.

Coop with his cake.

Cooper and his bestie Easton.

Trinnon, Dacen, Cooper, and Easton- 4 really cute 3 year olds!!!

Singing the birthday song, they are looking at us a little weird!

Opening some Thomas the train stuff.

He was really excited about this remote controll jeep.

And his new Mickey from his buddy Easton. He takes it to school and sleeps with it every night!
It was a great little party!
Happy 3rd Birthday Cooper!!
November 6, 2010

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