Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cooper's First Day of MDO

      Yesterday was Cooper's first day of Mother's Day Out. He was so excited to go to "skool" and get to take his new backpack and lunchbox! Mommy has to admit, I was excited too!
He did not want to look at me to take his picture, he would just say "cheese" and look away! Little turkey!

Outside before we went in, once again he wouldn't look at me!

He had a great day and even looked at me and said "no, I don't want to go" when I picked him up, which I will not take personal, just glad he likes going that much!!

We love you Cooper!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

     I am doing a total different post, so as to not take away from Madi's first day of kindergarten... Here are a few pics of them together on the first day. Tomorrow Madi Bell goes back to school every day :( I will miss her and so will Cooper.... 
Tristan-4th grade and Madi Bell-Kindergarten
August 19, 2010
We need a full shot too, just to see the height difference.
Tristan on his first day of 4th grade, whoa time flys!!
Tristan and Mrs. Denson
And let's not forget this little guy, Cooper, he had to take his backpack in the car the first day too!! He starts Mother's Day Out tomorrow, so we will have to post his first day too!!

I pray that each one of you has a great year this year!!!
Love you,
Mom or Mommy-to Cooper....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

      Well I made it without crying....I have had my moments of tearing up, but this morning everyone did great! Madi was so excited to go, she got up and told me "Good Morning Mom!", I knew she was excited! Here are a few pics from the open house yesterday and today.
First Day of Kindergarten
Madi Bell and Mrs. Cox
Already working away!
Madi at Open House by her desk.
Open house
She immediately wanted to know if she would get to write on the marker board??? :)
Taylor and Madi Bell
Playing with the puppets.

She did so good this morning, just like a big girl, I know she will do great this year!

We love you Madi Bell and pray you have a great first year of school!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can't Believe...

    I can't believe I am getting ready to take my baby girl to kindergarten open house...where has the time gone? She is so ready, am I???
We'll see if mommy is as strong as she think she is....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

      Well summer is winding down....sigh. Tristan and Braxton wanted to have one last sleepover before school started, so Braxton came down to our house for the night, and I think they have had a great time so far! Mostly they played in the dirt....
These two boys have been best friends since they were like 1, and they are just getting too big...they will be in class together this year, heaven help me and Stacy!
They dug a hole from the side and the top, said they were going to stay out there till midnight to get it dug....they were in by 9!
Looks like fun, right??
Working away...
Best Friends....they are priceless.

These two boys have blessed me and Stacy to become best friends too, thanks boys!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fall Sneak Peek

      Ok, I know it is like 104 degrees outside, and the middle of August, but I am so ready for fall!! So since it's too hot to do much outside, I decided I would start playing with a few fall ideas inside....
I found these orange pillows today at Kirkland's, and fell in love with them! I think orange is my favorite color right now. I feel like I need a pumpkin candle burning to go with it all...

And then while I was at Mrs. Walker's the other day, she had these little salad plates, her table looked so cute and fallish! So yes, I copied her! Her house just looked so pretty and smelled so good, good inspiration!

I made the flower arrangement today, I wish my picture was better of it, because it has some orange flowers in it too. I will see if I can get better pics...

I had most of the flowers, except the orange colored ones, so it was easy to throw together.

Here is a close up, you still can't really tell which ones are orange, but they are an orange red color. I have several more ideas going through my head for fall, so maybe when the kids get back in school I can finish some things around here!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dinner with Friends

     Friday night I had a girl's night out with a few friend's, we had Olive Garden for dinner, which was great!! We had a bunch of really great laughs over dinner! Then we did a little shopping, which is always fun!! :)

Kerri, Suzanne, me, and Stacy

     We have been trying to do as little as possible lately, soaking up the last few weeks of summer, just staying in, watching tv, and a little swimming here and there. We have hit a few birthday parties too, which have been fun too! I think I will take the kiddo's to do a little back to school shopping this week and sleep in some more!!!
This is just a snapshot of my little Coop lately, he loves to play with Madi, obviously from this pic! He will miss her when she goes to school, mom will too....but it might be a good thing for him to take the hat off! Ha!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boys of Fall
     Most of you know I am a huge Kenny Chesney fan! And he has done it again with a great song and video, I think!! Boys of Fall is his latest song and video, and it really gets you in the mood for some football, it personally reminds me of high school, I didn't play football obviously, but I lived for Friday night games and still do! We are a football family, love it! My husband played football in high school and is taking on his first coaching debut this year coaching Tristan's 4th grade team. So take a look at it and see if you don't go back in time....

Monday, August 2, 2010

Is it really August already???

Photo by Shannon Walker
    I just can't believe that it is already August 2nd!!! I think I might be just as sad as the kids are....I don't know why really??? I know Madi Bell starts kindergarden this year, but that's not it either, this summer has just flown by, we spent most of it playing baseball maybe??? It just doesn't seem like we have had any "down" time, where we didn't have to do anything or be anywhere. We went straight from baseball to football!!! I know it will only get worse with 3 kids, but sometimes I just wish I could freeze them right where they are, where I could really take them all in, and enjoy them to the fullest. I don't really think we are too "busy" at this house, it's one sport at a time for each kid, and Tristan is the only one who is in something right now, it just seems time if flying dad told me it would, it's just kind of sad. :(

    On a little happy note, the kids found out who there teachers were today, and we are really excited about them!!! Tristan has Mrs. Denson and will be in class with his best friend! I was in my 4th grade class with my best friend and it is one of my all time favorite years I remember! And Miss Madi has Mrs. Cox, with one of her friends Ty. Madi is beside herself excited about going to school, which makes it easy on mom! We have almost all of our supplies, missing a mat for Madi, but that is all. Now we have to go buy some back to school outfits, atleast for Madi, Tristan could care less, which makes me love that about him!!

    A prayer request, my cousin and his wife had their baby boy today, he was 7 weeks early, he weighed 4lbs exactly, the baby is breathing on his own and mom is recovering well so far, she had blood pressure issues, just pray they continue to do good.

                                                Have a great day and make the most of the next 3 weeks of summer!!!