Monday, August 16, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

      Well summer is winding down....sigh. Tristan and Braxton wanted to have one last sleepover before school started, so Braxton came down to our house for the night, and I think they have had a great time so far! Mostly they played in the dirt....
These two boys have been best friends since they were like 1, and they are just getting too big...they will be in class together this year, heaven help me and Stacy!
They dug a hole from the side and the top, said they were going to stay out there till midnight to get it dug....they were in by 9!
Looks like fun, right??
Working away...
Best Friends....they are priceless.

These two boys have blessed me and Stacy to become best friends too, thanks boys!!!

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  1. Make me cry!!! They are two special boys! Love you and cherish our friendship!