Sunday, May 22, 2011

Madi Bell's Easter Party

      I guess I totally missed this post...not sure really how I did, but thought I better post for my memory! They started the day off with a Easter hat parade, this is our hat we made. They are bunny ears, it's kind of hard to tell in the picture, with big bows on them, totally Madi Bell!!! 

Then they went outside for their egg hunt, which is crazy!!! There are little kids running everywhere, but they make it so that they each get the same amount of eggs, which is nice.
Madi waiting patiently for the whistle....
Madi Bell and her friend Maycie

Checking out the goods...

Coloring a pretty butterfly in class at their actual party.

This is Ty, him and Madi were in each other's preschool class too, he is such a little doll!!

It was a great little Easter party!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Date Night

      Friday was a date night for Eric and Madison. The church held their annual father-daughter date night and they had a really great time!! It was western themed. I think this is such a great thing for them. Eric took Madi on their first date a month ago and she loved it! So she was so excited to get to do it again.
Madison and Eric

Miss Madison, she wore a white sundress and brown cowboy boots. I tried to get her to wear her cowboy hat, but she didn't want too. But she looked just beautiful to me! :)

They had a bar-b-q dinner and they even got to ride horses! I am so glad that her and her daddy are close! She thinks the world of him and so does he of her.
Good Times!

Dress Up Days

     A couple of week's ago Paige stayed the night with Madi. Madi is constantly telling me she never gets to have anyone over, but Tristan always does. Which is not really true, Tristan is just older and he gets to do more. I am sure this is just a battle we will have for the next 13 or 14 years, especially when she gets older and the same rules don't necessarily go for her as for him, I know, I grew up with an older brother! My parents always said they learned their lesson with him, so it changed with me! Ha! Anyways, her and Paige had a really big time together, they get along great, and they even let Coop in on some of the "dress up" fun!!
 Here we were shopping...

Here we have a mixture of "Dancing with the Stars", Dorthy, and diaper guy..

Miss Paige

Miss Madi Bell- with a way to short skirt!! Going to have to monitor that!

Here Madi has lengthed the skirt and put on a sweater, that's better!

They found some hats.

Here they have luggage and babies...I think they were waiting on their plane here..
I love the their little imaginations!

And then the "monkey" found his way back to the house....

They had a lot of fun! Hopefully Paige can come back soon!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Some Funny, and Some Not So Funny...

      Stacy and I were just talking about all the funny little things that the little boys are saying lately and how we need to blog them for memory's sake...well tonight my little Coop was sitting on the couch by Tristan and he had taken his shirt off, so Coop thought he had to too... they sat there playing with Tristan's iPod and all of a sudden Cooper points at his "boobs" and tells Tristan "I don't like my boobs, I want yours!". Me and Eric couldn't help but laugh at him, I mean where in the world did that come from???

Little Stinker!! He also told Tristan while riding in the car, "aww man, what is wrong with you??"!!!

Eric also told me that the other day, they were waiting on me to come out of church, and Coop said "where is mom??? I mean this is ridiculous!!!". It is so funny coming from a 3 year old! He makes me smile. :)

On another note...I went in Madi's room to make her find all of this...which would be enough to make a momma mad....but as I was cleaning up some of it, I found this...

My "sweet" little Madi decided to write her name on her carpet!!!! I mean what was she thinking???? Really??? And she usually only writes "Madi", but no, she wrote her full name!!!! So needless to say, she is grounded, no more markers for awhile....

and she is looking forward to a "date" night with this guy Friday night at church, so we will see how the week goes...hmmm..

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

     Well better late then never on the Easter post.... We had a very nice Easter, except for the rain, but that is typical around here now days!! We joined my parents at their church for Easter, then they hosted a church Easter egg hunt. After that we went to my parents house for lunch and to hunt more eggs...
Here we are before church, we took about 10 pics with me and 10 with Eric, and I am going to post a couple different ones, just to show the many faces of my children... for instance it's mostly the two boys, Coop is kissing for the camera and Tristan, he looks like he would like to be somewhere else...I told him to be happy, Jesus Is Alive!!!

My 3 sweet babies, Cheeser, Madi Bell, and Tristan- not sure what he is thinking at the moment...maybe "are we done yet???"

We are doing a little better here...just some slumped shoulders.

 And here with dad, Cheeser reappears, with Goofy on the end there....

If you notice Madi stays the same for the most part through the whole process, but Tristan has given us yet another face.... ahh, the joy of a sweet boy with a "big" attitude. Love him still though!!

Cousins, Madi Bell, Kenzie, and Kaci

And the boys, and ahh yes, both boys found their smiles!! I mean we did just get done with a nice service celebrating that "Jesus Is Alive"!! Oh, and that during service Coop told the whole church that he pooped and peed on the potty, I know Jesus would be proud!!


This was the only family pic I got.

Coop hunting eggs.

Tristan hunting eggs, I am just waiting for the day, when he is too big for this...makes me sad he is growing up so fast.

Madi was too busy to take a pic, and yes, here in good ol' Washburn, Arkansas we hunt eggs in the cemetary!!!

Despite all our funny faces of my children, we as a family had a wonderful Easter, celebrating that "Jesus Is Alive!"