Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

     Well better late then never on the Easter post.... We had a very nice Easter, except for the rain, but that is typical around here now days!! We joined my parents at their church for Easter, then they hosted a church Easter egg hunt. After that we went to my parents house for lunch and to hunt more eggs...
Here we are before church, we took about 10 pics with me and 10 with Eric, and I am going to post a couple different ones, just to show the many faces of my children... for instance it's mostly the two boys, Coop is kissing for the camera and Tristan, he looks like he would like to be somewhere else...I told him to be happy, Jesus Is Alive!!!

My 3 sweet babies, Cheeser, Madi Bell, and Tristan- not sure what he is thinking at the moment...maybe "are we done yet???"

We are doing a little better here...just some slumped shoulders.

 And here with dad, Cheeser reappears, with Goofy on the end there....

If you notice Madi stays the same for the most part through the whole process, but Tristan has given us yet another face.... ahh, the joy of a sweet boy with a "big" attitude. Love him still though!!

Cousins, Madi Bell, Kenzie, and Kaci

And the boys, and ahh yes, both boys found their smiles!! I mean we did just get done with a nice service celebrating that "Jesus Is Alive"!! Oh, and that during service Coop told the whole church that he pooped and peed on the potty, I know Jesus would be proud!!


This was the only family pic I got.

Coop hunting eggs.

Tristan hunting eggs, I am just waiting for the day, when he is too big for this...makes me sad he is growing up so fast.

Madi was too busy to take a pic, and yes, here in good ol' Washburn, Arkansas we hunt eggs in the cemetary!!!

Despite all our funny faces of my children, we as a family had a wonderful Easter, celebrating that "Jesus Is Alive!"

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  1. I was wondering about the cemetary!!

    I love Madi's dress!!!

    You have a beautiful family!!