Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dress Up Days

     A couple of week's ago Paige stayed the night with Madi. Madi is constantly telling me she never gets to have anyone over, but Tristan always does. Which is not really true, Tristan is just older and he gets to do more. I am sure this is just a battle we will have for the next 13 or 14 years, especially when she gets older and the same rules don't necessarily go for her as for him, I know, I grew up with an older brother! My parents always said they learned their lesson with him, so it changed with me! Ha! Anyways, her and Paige had a really big time together, they get along great, and they even let Coop in on some of the "dress up" fun!!
 Here we were shopping...

Here we have a mixture of "Dancing with the Stars", Dorthy, and diaper guy..

Miss Paige

Miss Madi Bell- with a way to short skirt!! Going to have to monitor that!

Here Madi has lengthed the skirt and put on a sweater, that's better!

They found some hats.

Here they have luggage and babies...I think they were waiting on their plane here..
I love the their little imaginations!

And then the "monkey" found his way back to the house....

They had a lot of fun! Hopefully Paige can come back soon!

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