Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Madison's Preschool Graduation

      Well my Madi girl graduated from preschool last night! It was a great night for the kids. They all did so good and were well behaved. I can't believe that she is fixing to go to kindergarten!!! It just seems like yesterday she was born!! She is such a big girl though and is ready for this new adventure in her life. I like to think I am a "whoo hoo" mommy, but I have my moments when I start to tear up just thinking about her being so big.
Madison Bell Goodwin
Age 5
Preschool Graduation
May 24, 2010
Madi Bell and Taylor- her bff.
Evan and Madi Bell
Evan, Madi Bell, and Taylor
Mrs. Dana and Madi Bell

Daddy, Madi, and Mom sitting waiting for it to start.

The graduating class, there were 35 graduates, I think there were 10 boys!!!

Me and Madi outside afterwards.

One more of Madi and Evan, you know just in case they get married we want lots of pics of them!!

Madison's Cake- we had cake and ice cream afterwards, Tristan didn't get to join us for the evening, because he had a baseball game, so we missed having him there...

Madi with the cake, she was so excited about this whole night, I hope it was memorable for her....I know it was for mommy.

And last but not least, this was her self portrait form school.

We enjoyed the evening very much with this little girl, I can't wait for many more memories to be made from school and fun times with her friends.

Madison you are a joy to be with, your laugh, your smile, your sweetness, if only I could bottle it up and have you stay this way forever. I love you my Madi girl, you are a gift from God and we love you so much!!
Daddy, Mommy, Tristan, and Cooper

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bathroom Redo

      Well I think I am finally done with the bathroom!! There are a few little things to be fixed, but I went ahead and took pics. So here it is before and after....
Before with all it's gold chains and sea shell sinks....

And let's not forget the grape wallpaper!!
So pretty......Ha!!
And here is the after!!!! Be gone gold chains with globes hanging on them, I do however still have them if anyone is interested in them!!
We stained the cabinets almost black, new knobs, new cabinet top, sinks, faucets, mirrors, crown molding, baseboards, and even a new tiolet!!
Little table and lamp in entry.
New shower "drapes", I just used drapes I had instead of buying something, I added the gold fringe.
I think it turned out pretty good, I am going to put it to rest for now and work on something else.
I hope you enjoy the pics, it is very hard work to redo a house, but very rewarding when you see a finished product.

My Hula Girl

      Madi Bell is having a hula party today at school and I snapped a pic before we left. She was so excited about the grass skirt!

                                             Me and the hot glue gun have a date today....I will post pics later!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun with Friends at Miranda Lambert Benefit

       Greetings everyone!!! I hope everyone has had a great weekend??? We did!! My parents might not have though!! Ha!! Really I am grateful to my parents for taking my kids to 3 ballgames yesterday. They spent the whole day with them while Tristan and Madi had baseball games, while Eric and I took a little trip to Tyler, Texas with the Carter's and met the Leonard's there. We had a great little getaway thanks to the Leonard's!! Again we can't thank you enough for inviting us Chris and Jenn, we had so much fun!! We got to attend Miranda Lambert's Cause for Paws Benefit!!
Eric and I when we got to Lindale, TX eating at great mexican restuarant with everyone.
Jenn and Stacy
This was at Miranda's Winery.
Her sign.
Eric and I at the benefit with our VIP passes, always wanted to wear one of those!!
Me, Stacy, and Jennifer before concert.
Chirs and Jenn
James and Stacy
Sitting at our table before the show.
Miranda Lambert- She is so cute and she put on a great concert.
Blake and Miranda, they are so cute together!!
Blake Shelton
See how cute they are, they just smile at each other!!

We had a wonderful time this weekend with friends, and I have several more pics to post, but I need to tend to my little ones that I have missed!!

I hope you all have a blessed week ahead and look for God's work around you....

Monday, May 10, 2010

I Think I Missed A Sale???

     Well I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day??? I did, I will post on it later, need to get all my pics together for it. In the meantime I was sitting here thinking "I think I missed a sale at The Gathering Place" this weekend??? I believe Mrs. Shaina said they were having a sale!! Oh well, but since we missed it, let's take a look around just because I have extra pics of the store, and well it is just so darn cute!!
It just looks so cozy, especially on a rainy day like today. I am sure they have spring stuff out, but these are from this winter.
China hutch filled with goodies.....
I love this little island, would love to have it in my kitchen!!
Another china hutch filled with some beautiful red dishes.
I may have posted this pic before, but who doesn't love a pillow???
And last but not least, some jewels, love me some bling!!

I hope you enjoyed our tour for the day, hopefully I will be back tomorrow with some Mother's Day pics!! I may have to take a trip down to "The Gathering Place" tomorrow and see what's out for spring!!! I hope you all have a blessed week, look around and see God's work!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


      Hello friends! Have you all been as busy as we have??? Baseball is in full swing this week, and I love it, BUT I welcomed a little something different tonight.....
These were calling my name to sit in, "come on Heather, have a seat and "relax" a little", so I did.....
this was my first view.....
and this was my second view looking up.....

It was a nice evening.....hopefully I will be back soon to enjoy again!