Monday, May 10, 2010

I Think I Missed A Sale???

     Well I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day??? I did, I will post on it later, need to get all my pics together for it. In the meantime I was sitting here thinking "I think I missed a sale at The Gathering Place" this weekend??? I believe Mrs. Shaina said they were having a sale!! Oh well, but since we missed it, let's take a look around just because I have extra pics of the store, and well it is just so darn cute!!
It just looks so cozy, especially on a rainy day like today. I am sure they have spring stuff out, but these are from this winter.
China hutch filled with goodies.....
I love this little island, would love to have it in my kitchen!!
Another china hutch filled with some beautiful red dishes.
I may have posted this pic before, but who doesn't love a pillow???
And last but not least, some jewels, love me some bling!!

I hope you enjoyed our tour for the day, hopefully I will be back tomorrow with some Mother's Day pics!! I may have to take a trip down to "The Gathering Place" tomorrow and see what's out for spring!!! I hope you all have a blessed week, look around and see God's work!

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  1. I loved that store. Hard to find such great tasted items around here without breaking the bank. I really think there was something for everyone in there. Speaking of bling. I got a awesome bling watch from Kohles Drew picked out. You would love it! I don't think it was a lot but it has all these cystyals on it. Gotta love bling!!