Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Fall Touches

     Well fall is officially here!!! One of my most favorite times of year!!! Out here in blogland fall is falling all over people's houses, and they just all look beautiful!!! So it got me in the mood to do a little fall decorating today, I am still working on a few things, but here are a few pics of what I have been doing today....
This is on the island in the kitchen. The pig is a new addition to the kitchen, she found her way home with me the other day, I just love her!! :)

The chest is a new addition to the kitchen too....

I picked up the chest at the local antique store, thought she would be just perfect for an island in my kitchen! I have been looking for something for awhile now.

I am thinking she is calling for a little paint on her...still up in the air about it....and definetly some new knobs!

I found these cute little pumpkins at Kirkland's.

And I am still tweaking my mantel, thinking she might need some fall garland, like Mrs. Tonia has going on...

Just adding a few touches here and there, still working on it, but it's nice. I have cinnamon cider Scentsy in the warmer too!!!! :))

I have been working outside later.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lazy Laundry Syndrome

      I am suffering from Lazy Laundry Sydrome at my house or we can call it LLS!!! First, I shouldn't be on here at all, because I do have LLS, but that being said here I am, because I also feel like I have BBS too, otherwise known as Bad Blogger Syndrome... You see Lazy Laundry Syndrome at my house is not that there are piles of dirty laundry, but there are piles of "clean" laundry at my house...doesn't sound bad, but it can turn into a "messy" issue around here, then it can turn into "mom, I am not sure if it's clean or dirty???" which only requires a "smell" test usually, but sometimes can be confusing! Anyways my whole point is I do the laundry, then don't put it away! Then I come in here and instead of catching up on my own blogging for my precious little children, I read about everyone else's and all these fall decorating ideas! Which I am currently working on my fall decor around here too, by the time it's done, it will be time for Christmas though!!! There is no point to this post, I am just pointing out what I have been up too around here, not what I should be doing...but I figure I will still suffer from Lazy Laundry Sydrome for years to come....but maybe I will get better with the BBS!!! :)
Here is a pic of a wreath I want to was at Silver Dollar City. I just love it! We will see if I can get some treatment for my LLS, then maybe I can find time to try my hand at it!

Oh, I did finish the kitchen of the home I have started on, hopefully I can post pics of it soon! :)

Hope you all have a fabulous day today!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

14th Wedding Anniversary

      Wow!!! I can't believe that it has been 14 years already since Eric and I married! Time really does fly by! I was officially married as of 7:03pm 14 years ago, tonight 14 years later, I am folding clothes and watching Disney chanel with Madi Bell and Cooper! Ha!!! Eric and Tristan are at football practice. I woudn't have it any other way though, because this is "Our" life we created together 14 years ago! We did go away this past weekend for a little trip to Branson, which we enjoyed very much!
Me and Eric- 14 years later

I looked a little "weathered" in these pics from Shannon's b-day party, I had been rained on several times!! Haha!! But they are the last pics taken of us recently.

And just for giggles, here is the wedding pic again!!! So young looking!!!

I love you Eric more today then yesterday!!! It's amazing how your love changes and grows through the years, how kids change your love for each other, it's all just kind of amazing!!!
Here is to the next 14 years of marriage!!!
May God watch over our marriage and make it stronger with each day that passes.

Happy 14th Anniversary!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bad Blogger and Branson

     I have become a really bad blogger lately!!! We have been busy with football, which I have no pics of, but hopefully I will this weekend. I broke down and bought me a Canon Rebel... I love my little camera I stick in my purse, but it doesn't cut it for zooming in on stuff. We have also been busy doing homework, everyone, even little Coop has had some homework, which he thinks is cool! We have been enjoying this wonderful weather, I am so ready for everyday fall temps!!! I just love from now till Christmas!!! I am not fond of the months of January, February, and sometimes March, just sayin'! We took a little trip to Branson over Labor Day weekend and I did manage to take a couple of pics to know we were there, well atleast I know the kids, Eric, and grandparents were there! Ha! I am in none of them, oh well, I don't like pics of me anyways! Here are a few of the pics...
My little Coopster.

This is going to be a series of Madi Bell eating her ice cream, because it was so interesting to there is just a little dab on her nose, not to bad...

Here we are showing off the ice cream cone....

Here we are with a melting ice cream cone and a little more on our lips and chin...still not too bad!

And then you can see that the ice cream cone is gone almost, but I think she might have missed a little of it, on her face! Boy was it good ice cream though!!! :)

Cooper stayed safe with his ice cream and ate it from a bowl...

Tristan and Eric enjoying their ice cream.

Papaw and Mema
It was a nice little trip that we enjoyed with the grandparents!

And now I am going to go back to laundry, my laundry room got lost in all the clothes and I can't find it!! I do have a couple projects up my sleeve, but I will have to take some pics of them later.

AND, I went Tuesday for a decorating consultation at someone's home...I am so excited about this!!! It is my passion and I believe it is my God given talent. I have friends and family that have always told me, "you need to do this for people" , but I guess I have always thought maybe I wasn't good enough to do it for someone else's home, so this will be my test! I am going to just pray it goes well! :) I took lots of "before" pics, so hopefully I will have some good "after" pics to show when it's all done!