Monday, September 26, 2011

Lazy Laundry Syndrome

      I am suffering from Lazy Laundry Sydrome at my house or we can call it LLS!!! First, I shouldn't be on here at all, because I do have LLS, but that being said here I am, because I also feel like I have BBS too, otherwise known as Bad Blogger Syndrome... You see Lazy Laundry Syndrome at my house is not that there are piles of dirty laundry, but there are piles of "clean" laundry at my house...doesn't sound bad, but it can turn into a "messy" issue around here, then it can turn into "mom, I am not sure if it's clean or dirty???" which only requires a "smell" test usually, but sometimes can be confusing! Anyways my whole point is I do the laundry, then don't put it away! Then I come in here and instead of catching up on my own blogging for my precious little children, I read about everyone else's and all these fall decorating ideas! Which I am currently working on my fall decor around here too, by the time it's done, it will be time for Christmas though!!! There is no point to this post, I am just pointing out what I have been up too around here, not what I should be doing...but I figure I will still suffer from Lazy Laundry Sydrome for years to come....but maybe I will get better with the BBS!!! :)
Here is a pic of a wreath I want to was at Silver Dollar City. I just love it! We will see if I can get some treatment for my LLS, then maybe I can find time to try my hand at it!

Oh, I did finish the kitchen of the home I have started on, hopefully I can post pics of it soon! :)

Hope you all have a fabulous day today!!!

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