Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday Lunch with Friends

      Tuesday I got to meet the girl's for a birthday lunch at Olive Garden!!! Yeah!! Good times, good food, and GREAT friends!!! Not everyone could make it, and they were missed, TH and MW!! I am sure we can find another reason real soon to get back together for lunch though!!
Stacy and Shania

Strawberry cake, yummmm!!!

Shannon and I

I enjoyed it very much girls, thank you again!!!

And thanks for all the sweet cards, and gifts!!!
It was a great birthday!!! ;))

Student of the Month Breakfast

     We got to go to another Student of the Month breakfast this month, this time for Tristan. So far he has gotten it every year. We are so proud of you Tristan!!! You are such a good student.
Tristan with Mrs. Denson, he is trying not to smile here, but Mrs. Denson just kept on till she made him smile! She is so good with the kids!

Getting pinned by Mrs. Wilson.

Good Job Tristan!
Keep up the great work!!!

We love you!!!!
Dad, Mom, Madi, and Coop

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Fun

     Well Spring Break has come and gone...sad face :((  But we ended it with a really fun weekend. Friday night was date night for me and Eric. The lovely Hobbs joined us for the evening, we celebrated mine and Tonia's birthday's! We had a really great time! We were going to eat at Chedders, but the Mr, as Mrs Tonia calls him, got a dog call, so we enjoyed chatting it up with the Mrs' while we waited and then we opted for some Popeyes Chicken before the movie, which we all love, so it was all good! We went to see Lincoln Lawyer, and it was so, so, so good, love me some Mathew!!!
Me and Eric

Tonia and Brad

After the movie was over we decided we were still hungry and went for dessert at Chili's and I think we closed it down Friday night! Ha! We enjoyed the evening Hobb's!!

Saturday we had a birthday party, then we took Madi and Tristan to eat at Sho Gun's, sooo good!!

After we ate we went and did some shopping with the kids and then went to see Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2. It was a really cute movie. We had a really great time with the kids!

Then Sunday evening we had my birthday dinner at my mom's house, and this is my red velvet cake!!! Yum!!!

Me and Ang, my sister-in-law.

And Ang trying to be funny!!! Love her!

We had a great weekend and a great spring break, now it's back to normal, well maybe tomorrow, today is my birthday, I think I will enjoy doing not much of anything with my little Coop!

Friday, March 25, 2011

More Spring Break Pics....

   We also went to the Dixie Stampede, rode bumper cars, go-karts, and ate Andy's Frozen Custard twice!! Here are a few more pics from our weekend fun...
Eric and Coop on the bumper cars, Coop thought this was so funny to drive around and hit each other!!

Tristan could have a little anger built up! Ha!

Madi Bell

Madi Bell, you can see hear, we are missing a tooth, I will post about that later, it was a two trip to the dentist kind of thing!

The kids haven't really been home a lot at all this week, I got to go shopping twice without any kids which was nice. They got to go to the park and on a picnic with their grandparents. They have been to sleepovers, so I guess they have been pretty busy! Now it's Friday and we have a full weekend planned. It just goes to fast, I am ready for summer break already! ;)
Happy Weekend!!!

Spring Break 2011

     My I haven't posted in a while!! We have been busy around here, I can't believe the week is already over...makes me sad, I like the kids home! Last week when school let out we picked up the kids and headed to Branson for some good fun, food, and some outlet shopping!!!
This is the new kids area at Silver Dollar City, and it is really neat, it was perfect for Cooper, he would have stayed there all day long!

Madi Bell



Memaw and Papa went with us.

New swings they have.

I think Eric looks scared.... Ha!

Coop does a lot of this...if you get a drink he has to have one too, this was his favorite orange slushe. ;))

We ran into the Curry's while we were there, which the kids thought was great!!! Here is Colin and Tristan on the "toddler" frogs!!! Could be a senior yearbook picture???

Madi and I on the butterfly's, I think I rode this ride 5 times between Madi and Coop!

Mamaw got to ride the rides too!

Paige and Madi

And here is Gary Don and Austin on Powder Keg, all the other boys rode too, but my camera was full!!!

It was a cool day out, but I think everybody had a really good time!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little Spring Decor

      Even thought it is terribly cold out today...I have been in the mood for some spring decorations around here. I have been reading a lot of magazine's that have had picture's of homes with "pink" in them, I also have come across a blog that has inspired me with some pink decor and whimsy! I love hot pink, but really thought it was just for a girl's bedroom, but boy have I been surprised! People are using it everywhere, so I decided I wanted to try to add a little around my house. I have used it in a very suttle way, but I am liking it a lot and have some "big" ideas for some more pink!! Till then, here is what I have done...
I made this pink flower arrangement.

Here is a closer look at it.

It is sitting on the buffett, I haven't decided if it will stay here or move to the dining room table, I have some big plans for the dining area, so we will see!!

I added a hot pink pillow to the couch, it looks bright in this picture, but my house is so dark, it really looks pretty good. :)

This is not pink, but here are the balls I got at Hobby Lobby, they found a home on the coffee table finally...

I found this bird towel at Pier One and naturally fell in love with all the pink on it!! The one behind it I found at Tuesday Morning.

I found these green apples at TJ Maxx one day and they are so real looking, Coop keeps begging me for an apple!!

And this is not pink either, but I redid the top of my fridge again with some more balls, and I think it may stay this way for awhile, we'll see!! :)

So this is how I am doing spring decorating around here! I do have a few more things to show, but we'll wait for another day...

Happy Spring Decorating!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Grilling and Foil Hats

     We have been grilling out the last couple of night's since they weather has been so great! Tonight Madi Bell had tumbling, and when we got home Eric had grilled chicken and baked potatoe's made for us, yummy!!! As we sat at the dinner table, I noticed someone had quietly taken his foil from his potato and made a nice hat out of it. He didn't draw attention to it, just decided to wear it. So I thought I better get some pics of it....
I just love this little face and smile...

He was being so good, just decided he would make a hat, and casually put it on and kept eating...

"mom, quit taking my picture!"

A nice side view of our hat, I think he might need a haircut too???

Good family time moments at the dinner table!!!

Cousin Time

      Last Sunday was also my brother's birthday, so we had a birthday dinner at my mom's house. We also went out with my brother and Angela to eat Lonestar and to see the movie "Just Go With It", which was hilarious!! We had a great time with them as usual, lots of laughs!!!

      Eric took a few pics of the kids outside enjoying the nice weather.
Weston with his faux hawk and Tristan.

And these two, well, can you see the attitude in them??? Ha!! If you click and enlarge the pic, the faces really show it, or atleast they show something!!

In the tree, I think Madi was a little scared...but the  rest were like monkeys!

And here's Coop, looking up, thinking, one day, one day, I will climb this tree...
Good times with cousins!!!