Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little Spring Decor

      Even thought it is terribly cold out today...I have been in the mood for some spring decorations around here. I have been reading a lot of magazine's that have had picture's of homes with "pink" in them, I also have come across a blog that has inspired me with some pink decor and whimsy! I love hot pink, but really thought it was just for a girl's bedroom, but boy have I been surprised! People are using it everywhere, so I decided I wanted to try to add a little around my house. I have used it in a very suttle way, but I am liking it a lot and have some "big" ideas for some more pink!! Till then, here is what I have done...
I made this pink flower arrangement.

Here is a closer look at it.

It is sitting on the buffett, I haven't decided if it will stay here or move to the dining room table, I have some big plans for the dining area, so we will see!!

I added a hot pink pillow to the couch, it looks bright in this picture, but my house is so dark, it really looks pretty good. :)

This is not pink, but here are the balls I got at Hobby Lobby, they found a home on the coffee table finally...

I found this bird towel at Pier One and naturally fell in love with all the pink on it!! The one behind it I found at Tuesday Morning.

I found these green apples at TJ Maxx one day and they are so real looking, Coop keeps begging me for an apple!!

And this is not pink either, but I redid the top of my fridge again with some more balls, and I think it may stay this way for awhile, we'll see!! :)

So this is how I am doing spring decorating around here! I do have a few more things to show, but we'll wait for another day...

Happy Spring Decorating!!!


  1. I love hot pink too! I love petunias, I could plant those bushes all over the place. I love the the towels and the birds. You should be a florist your arrangements are really really good. I used to be a florist a long time ago and it is a natural gift that you have or you don't. A lot of it is the build up of the arrangement and then creativity. Great job!