Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break 2011

     My I haven't posted in a while!! We have been busy around here, I can't believe the week is already over...makes me sad, I like the kids home! Last week when school let out we picked up the kids and headed to Branson for some good fun, food, and some outlet shopping!!!
This is the new kids area at Silver Dollar City, and it is really neat, it was perfect for Cooper, he would have stayed there all day long!

Madi Bell



Memaw and Papa went with us.

New swings they have.

I think Eric looks scared.... Ha!

Coop does a lot of this...if you get a drink he has to have one too, this was his favorite orange slushe. ;))

We ran into the Curry's while we were there, which the kids thought was great!!! Here is Colin and Tristan on the "toddler" frogs!!! Could be a senior yearbook picture???

Madi and I on the butterfly's, I think I rode this ride 5 times between Madi and Coop!

Mamaw got to ride the rides too!

Paige and Madi

And here is Gary Don and Austin on Powder Keg, all the other boys rode too, but my camera was full!!!

It was a cool day out, but I think everybody had a really good time!

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