Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Fun

     Well Spring Break has come and gone...sad face :((  But we ended it with a really fun weekend. Friday night was date night for me and Eric. The lovely Hobbs joined us for the evening, we celebrated mine and Tonia's birthday's! We had a really great time! We were going to eat at Chedders, but the Mr, as Mrs Tonia calls him, got a dog call, so we enjoyed chatting it up with the Mrs' while we waited and then we opted for some Popeyes Chicken before the movie, which we all love, so it was all good! We went to see Lincoln Lawyer, and it was so, so, so good, love me some Mathew!!!
Me and Eric

Tonia and Brad

After the movie was over we decided we were still hungry and went for dessert at Chili's and I think we closed it down Friday night! Ha! We enjoyed the evening Hobb's!!

Saturday we had a birthday party, then we took Madi and Tristan to eat at Sho Gun's, sooo good!!

After we ate we went and did some shopping with the kids and then went to see Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2. It was a really cute movie. We had a really great time with the kids!

Then Sunday evening we had my birthday dinner at my mom's house, and this is my red velvet cake!!! Yum!!!

Me and Ang, my sister-in-law.

And Ang trying to be funny!!! Love her!

We had a great weekend and a great spring break, now it's back to normal, well maybe tomorrow, today is my birthday, I think I will enjoy doing not much of anything with my little Coop!


  1. Happy birthday! Enjoy the day! Love that silly Ang too! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!! You are beautiful!