Friday, March 4, 2011

Cousin Time

      Last Sunday was also my brother's birthday, so we had a birthday dinner at my mom's house. We also went out with my brother and Angela to eat Lonestar and to see the movie "Just Go With It", which was hilarious!! We had a great time with them as usual, lots of laughs!!!

      Eric took a few pics of the kids outside enjoying the nice weather.
Weston with his faux hawk and Tristan.

And these two, well, can you see the attitude in them??? Ha!! If you click and enlarge the pic, the faces really show it, or atleast they show something!!

In the tree, I think Madi was a little scared...but the  rest were like monkeys!

And here's Coop, looking up, thinking, one day, one day, I will climb this tree...
Good times with cousins!!!

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