Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011-Part 1

     For the first time in years we actually had a pretty low key Christmas!!! Which we loved, for the most part, I am one of those that likes "tradition", it bothers me when they change! But it was nice not to have to run from one house to another this year, getting to enjoy our families a little more. Here are some pics of our Christmas!

Christmas morning, a little sleep deprived at 5:30am!!! :)

Santa came!!!

Slow down, mom can't see what your getting!!!! It's like done in 5 minutes!!!

RC car, he was saving for it, but Santa surprised him! :)

All this little boy wanted was a dumptruck and backhoe, Santa delivered!

All this sweet little girl wanted was an iPod! :)

The forced picture in front of the tree!! Are they smiling, they look a little stiff?!?!

I think they were all happy with what they got, makes me happy!!! :)

Introducing Ella!!!!!

     We have a new addition to our little family. We finally got a puppy!!! I have wanted a YorkiePoo for a while now, but really wasn't sure I was ready for another dog. This little puppy came along at the right time though, and we decided to go for it!
This is Ella!!

She is a black YorkiePoo, with a little bit of gray??? Three kids may be giving her gray hair??!!

If you come to our door, this is how she will greet you, she thinks everyone wants to rub her tummy!!!

Here she is on Christmas morning with her new flower bow!!! Oh, and her rhinestone dog bone charm!! Even girl dogs need some bling!!!

She is fitting in with our little family just wonderfully and we are so glad we got her!!!!

Christmas Decorations 2011

     Merry Christmas!!! I know I am way behind, but I want it for my memory! So here is what the house looked like this year. I didn't do as much this year, as I wasn't in the mood...I know terrible, but it's true. So here is what I did put up, I really put up a lot, just not like it was last year!
This is something new I added this year, and I so LOVE it!!! I think it speaks very loud and clear for the meaning of Christmas, most of all "I" Believe in Jesus, and him being the reason for the season, I also Believe in the magic of Christmas. I just love it!!!

Here is my mantel, as you can tell, I painted it! I wasn't going to show this pic, leave it for the the remodeling post, but here it is anyway!

Here is my dining room tree, which I think is my favorite, might just have it next year! :)

This is my big tree, and that is what it is, big, it is getting in my way big time, but I am keeping it all up till New Year's.....


My little kitchen island, which is another thing getting in the way...might be getting moved out too... :(

Kitchen Christmas

New hand towels I got this year, Pier One.

Cooper's tree.

Madi Bell's tree, it's hard to see for some reason???

My Christmas Joy!!!

And there you have it, Christmas Decor 2011!!!

I am going to try to get caught up on this blog thing today before the New Year, wish me luck!!! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

2011 Blue Pittbulls Football Party

      Well football has officially ended for Tristan this year. :( We love us some football at this house. It is great when your child really loves to play the game, and Tristan does, and so does Coach Eric!!!  Ha!! They had a fun season this year, didn't win as many games as they would have liked, but I am sure they learned a lot and  I know that Tristan had fun playing and that is what counts! We had the end of the season football party at the ROC a couple of weeks ago and here are some pics from it.
The cake.

The trophies

The helmet

Tristan getting his trophy. They were all too fast for me to get a good pic of any of them...

Braxton getting his trophy.

J.P. and Tristan

The "boys"

The "boys" and the coaches.

Some of them are real posers...ha!!

Collin getting his trophy...see, none of them were slow enough for me to get a pic of..

This is a great bunch of boys.

This is the only pic of these two I got, I so have to be better at this next year!!!

It was a great year and we can't wait for next year!!! In the meantime we will be cheering on our high school football team as they go to the state championship game Saturday in Little Rock!!!
Go Dogs Go!!!!

Cooper's 4th Birthday Party

      This year Cooper insisted on having his party at the Outback, so we did, and we had a great time! Here are a few pics from the party.
We did a Hog cake this year. He loves football!

The birthday boy after playing hard.

Cooper, Easton, Dace
Best Buddies

Trinnon & Coop

Arkansas Fans through and through!!! :)

Cheese smile, we are getting really good at these!!!

Weston, Tristan, Braxton, & Noah

Carson and Madi Bell

Bike helmet, so excited!!!

Sock Monkey game, we love this game!!!

The birthday boy.
Everyone had a really great time!