Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011-Part 1

     For the first time in years we actually had a pretty low key Christmas!!! Which we loved, for the most part, I am one of those that likes "tradition", it bothers me when they change! But it was nice not to have to run from one house to another this year, getting to enjoy our families a little more. Here are some pics of our Christmas!

Christmas morning, a little sleep deprived at 5:30am!!! :)

Santa came!!!

Slow down, mom can't see what your getting!!!! It's like done in 5 minutes!!!

RC car, he was saving for it, but Santa surprised him! :)

All this little boy wanted was a dumptruck and backhoe, Santa delivered!

All this sweet little girl wanted was an iPod! :)

The forced picture in front of the tree!! Are they smiling, they look a little stiff?!?!

I think they were all happy with what they got, makes me happy!!! :)

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